1st Post: Hello, world!

Hello, world-wide-web-of-bloggers!

I have been addicted to reading blogs these days.

Inspired by stylish, beautiful, food-loving, home-decorating bloggers, whose blogs I am ridiculously obsessed with, I finally felt it was time to start my own blog.

I love the idea of chronicling your life, sharing your experiences and failures, desires and thoughts, whether it is for the sake of inspiring others or keeping records for your own self.

Funny thing: I used to not get the idea of blogging.

I wondered, why anyone would want to listen to your personal rants? Why someone would follow everything you had to say?

This attitude changed after I came across bloggers who I began relating to. Their amazing writing skills and ability to tell stories left me wanting to read more.

I bookmarked these blogs, checking in once a week, sometimes once a day! The pictures (especially of the food!) were so appealing to me. The writing was so conversational, and it flowed, was relatable, and sometimes hilarious!

Thanks to the gals who share their worlds with the rest of us, I am officially crossing over into the blogging world.

It’s my turn to share! 

Life may seem short, but it is still the longest thing we ever endure. We all laugh, cry, hope, dream, enjoy, wonder, fight, think, hate, and love, yet all of our experiences are unique.

Here’s my life as I know, see, and feel it. Here’s to the beginning of my own little corner of the blogging world.

…& that’s all she wrote on her first post ever.


I'd love to hear from you!

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