Running Goals

  1. Get GOO (or gummies). I keep reading more and more that these pro runners use them to fuel themselves.
  2. RICE after all runs (rest, ice, compression, elevate). Recovery is key!
  3. Eat well and get enough sleep/rest. My co-worker said she had one of her best runs lately (14+ miles – don’t fret, she’s training for the CIM lol…) b/c she had enough sleep the previous night, she ate a big breakfast and hydrated before her run.
  4. Get compression socks (cannot believe how much $ they are) – I think the idea is to lessen the hurt your legs go through as you run. Maybe for now I’ll wear tube socks =P
  5. Get better shoes (specifically a half size bigger! Mel can relate lol). But also get the “right” shoes by going to Fleet Feet or Running Zone and having them recommend the right shoes

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