Christmas Recap Part 1 & not having a Smartphone

FYI, I do not have a smartphone and therefore the rate at which pictures can be added to my blog is less than ideal. I would apologize and promise to get a smartphone soon, but that would be silly!

Here are a few highlights of the last few days.

  • I got a Garmin for Christmas! (which deserves its own separate post)
  • In-law’s flew into town last week; we have been spending a lot of time with them
  • Three separate shindigs with the same group of people (my family, my in-laws, and my MIL’s sister’s family)… I’m sure everyone is partied-out
  • Tons of food (and leftovers), sweets, and fun
  • Everyone is healthy, safe, and happy. Couldn’t ask for more this Christmas!

Sipping my yummy caramel latte from Panera Bread as we wait at the airport:

Finally! We got to enjoy the balsamic vinegar we purchased back when we went wine tasting during the summer. DELISH and I’m bummed the bottle is almost out…

Shindig #1: Parents sitting around the dining table while the young ones played Mario Party. Major laughter and competition going on.

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