Christmas Recap Part 2: Family and friends

More highlights! Click HERE for Part 1.

  • Visited family on Xmas eve (E-thang saying over and over as he opened gifts, “NO WAY!”)
  • Spent Xmas day with more family
  • After Xmas day shopping (Note to self: Go to Target when it opens because all the good stuff is taken by 5 pm)
  • Annual high school reunion holiday dinner
  • Plus a visit to the hubs’ Uncle
  • Zumba with MIL while FIL and hubs golf
  • Visit with hubby’s Lola and see more family
  • Cooking with the MIL while FIL and hubs watch the big Redskins game
Hosting a family gathering at our crib:
This is just the dessert side…


At another family gathering: Monopoly gives me anxiety…
Here are the fun gifts I put together for my dad and FIL:
Here’s my white elephant gift at my reunion dinner:
I call this albino sushi! (I don’t like seaweed. Boooo, I know): 
“NO WAY!!!”
We miss you always:
Big Bang bobble heads!!! Me (Penny) and the hubs (Leonard)! Thanks, Howwwwuuuhhhd!!!
Our outaanak is so sweet getting us gifts:

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