Christmas Recap 3… plus my Garmin & new running shoes!

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Both of our families went out to lunch for Pho at my favorite restaurant. 
Yum… This makes my tummy so happy!


Gotta get the fancy shmancy Thai iced tea… 
I forgot to share that I remade the hot cocoa cookies at some point during the holidays. They are so fun to look at.
New Year’s Eve was very simple… Saw my mom and sister (dad was at work), visited our close friends, and then met the hubs’ parents at home where we shared glasses of this yummy sparkling wine.
That night, the hubs’ last night in town, we hosted a second get together at our house that night. I’m actually not sure which night this picture was from below, but I just wanted to share that I made kale chips for the first time! Yum!
This is our second bottle of wine. Aren’t the wine glass markers the cutest/smartest?
Brought the hubs’ parents to the airport the next morning… One final stop: In N Out!!!
Ok, now a look at the wonderful gifts the hubs got me for Xmas. Love my new necklace and it has very important meaning to me 🙂
I went for my first run! I enjoyed using my Garmin 10. Still gotta sync it up to my laptop (it doesn’t work on Macs) and then I can start uploading my runs. 
Woo hoo! A new record already! 😉
Hubs and I also got fitted for running shoes for the first time! I got the Brooks Launch and he got the Nike Pegasus. We ran in them for the first time at the gym. We both feel they help as our feet didn’t hurt as much as usual. Looking forward to more runs. 

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