SF Giants Trophies and carne asada fries

Look who was excited to wait in line to see the SF Giants trophies… This little cutie patootie is C.A. She is way too adorable and smart for her age. She kept us entertained while we waited in line and she did very well being so patient.
The cutie and her mama even made it on our local paper’s blog! Good stuff, ladies 🙂
Congrats to the SF Giants for winning two in three!!! It was so much fun watching the “G-MEN” win it again. I have to give credit to the hubs and my good friends for getting me into the game. We all went to a game this season and it was too much fun. Can’t wait to go again.
After we took our pictures with the trophies (I’ll have to post the pic later when they’re available online), we went to our local spot, Rafa’s, for some carne asada fries. YUM!
Hopefully you’ve had a chance to try this goodness. If not, hurry up and go now! And you have to order the horchata drink (milk with cinnamon and sugar). The combination is divine. As delicious as the fries were, I think they were a bit too salty/greasy for me. My tummy was not happy afterward, but luckily I felt better after a short nap and drinking plenty of water.

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