RESULTS: Elk Grove 2013 5K Fun Run Series #2

Ran numero dos of the year! Before the race:

EG 5K 2 before race

With my #1 fan…  EG 5K 2 with cuda

And after the race! =)

2013 EG 5K No. 2

I am so proud of THIS GIRL right next to me as she beat her last 5K by over 9 minutes!!!

EG 5K 2 starbucks aftermath

It’s not our fault Starbucks is in the same parking lot as our cars.

The weather was chilly in the morning and finally warmed up after mile one. I really enjoy this race because it is local, it is very small (about 250 participants?), and it’s part of a series which makes it fun to keep coming back and try to improve your times. I didn’t run as fast as the December one, but I finished 2nd in my age group for women! Thanks to The Running Zone for putting on another great race. I believe the next one is not until June, so I hope to find another race before then!

I’m still enjoying the 5K distance because it is just enough (for now) for me to focus my efforts and really think about each mile and what I’m doing during each one. I don’t know when I will move up in distance just yet, but I really don’t have an urge to go further right now.

Have you run a race lately? How did you do? When is your next one?

6 thoughts on “RESULTS: Elk Grove 2013 5K Fun Run Series #2

  1. So proud of the both of us!!! We got up early (even with daylight savings), ran in the extremely cold weather, and did well in the race! YAY! Can’t wait to run in the next race with you! And thank you for being one of my greatest supporters Sha!! Love you to pieces! 😉


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