Cake pops are pretty fun to make

Cake pops!!!

I made cake pops lately and thought I’d share some of the others I’ve made before. I have come a long way from when I first made these (I started out making cake balls) and I used to think they were too much work. Ok, I still think they are a lot of work, but I enjoy making them so much more now! My favorite part is the decorating. One of the key things I learned to be successful is to NOT add an entire can of frosting as some recipes say. I literally add three big spoonfuls and that is perfect. I also have completely stopped making cake balls as it is so much easier to use the lollipop sticks and avoid the juggling in between two spoons. Ok, let’s get to the pops!

Friend’s birthday party ~ March 2013

White cake, rainbow chip frosting, & vanilla melts




Friend’s bridal shower ~ February 2013

Funfetti cake, vanilla frosting, & vanilla melts




Baby shower for work ~ October 2012

Dinosaur egg pops for a birthday party ~ April 2012

Baby shower for work ~ March 2012

Christmas ~ December 2011


Halloween party for work ~ October 2011

(cake balls)

Anniversary party ~ May 2010

(cake balls on the left)

Red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting, & dark chocolate, with white chocolate drizzled on top

Here are the links to the amazing ladies from whom I learned how to make these wonderful delights. You can find recipes on their pages!


Love from the Oven

Is there a delicious dessert you have mastered over the years? Please share!

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