Our Big News!!!


I’ve been wanting to share this news on my blog for so long now… We’re expecting!!! 🙂



How amazing are these picture? Thanks to our WONDERFUL friends, Ryan and Johanna, we were able to share the news with these awesome pregnancy announcements.

We are bursting with happiness, excitement, joy, love, gratitude, and all the other wonderful feelings that a blessing like this brings in life. There are times I still have to realize this is really happening because I find myself not believe it’s all real. As much as we have been through during the past six years, time really does seem to fly. I’m just grateful that we were able to take our time with starting our lives and enjoying our life together as just the two of us. Now are super excited to add to our family, but we are also glad to have the next couple of months ahead not only to prepare, but to truly appreciate how life is before baby. We have heard time and time again from others how kids are blessings, but life really does change. So as much as we have looked forward to this time in our life, we are glad we were able to do all we wanted so far, such as get our own place to call home and travel to Europe! Now we’re ready more than ever for this next chapter!

Heads up, I have been secretly writing blog posts about our journey so far. In a nutshell, we first found out we were pregnant on January 4th! Since then, I’ve been trying to document the pregnancy so far via blog posts (which I’ll finally publish soon) and pictures (which I’ll also add to the blog). Stay tuned for updates along the way. I’m so excited to have this blog not only as an outlet for my thoughts and experiences, but as a way to keep great memories of our pregnancy and especially to share them with our friends and family.



24 thoughts on “Our Big News!!!

  1. Noooo wonder you’ve been repinning a lot of nursery/baby related stuff on Pinterest! Sneaky sneaky. ;P i didnt want to ask back then lol. I am so happy for you & Jing! 😀


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