1st trimester cravings and The Pregnancy Journal (late post #4)

In case you missed the news… we’re expecting! Because we were waiting quite a while to share our news with everyone, I wrote a few posts to record our experiences and feelings of the new chapter in our lives. Here’s part one! And part two… and part three… and part four is below!


The following post was originally written on 2013-02-11 (Monday)

2013-02-10 Week 112013-02-23 Week 12 

French Fry Cravings and The Pregnancy Journal

I really enjoy doing the BUMPdate questionnaire, but I’ll stick to answering it monthly. As much progress and growth that takes place with the baby each week, many of my answers might not change from week to week. But I will write about general changes and observations I have with regular posts.

According to the Baby Center, baby should be a little over an inch, the size of a kumquat! (what’s a kumquat???!!!)

A sweet thing that happened was receiving The Pregnancy Journal from our good friends, Lani, Rich, & their baby girl, Hannah Lei. I spent a good amount of time on Sunday filling in the dates (it personalizes the journal to your exact EDD – estimated date of delivery). Then the hubs and I sat down together answered the introduction questions in the first few pages. It was nice and also pretty funny to answer some of those questions. (The hubs will NOT give up on the dream of our child, if we have a boy, becoming an NBA player!)


I sure do miss wine, cocktails, coffee, and snowboarding… This is (used to be?) one of my favorite ecards:


FRENCH FRIES have officially made my craving list! This week at work for one of my lunches, I set out to get a salad and came back with… chicken tenders, fries, and ranch dressing! It’s not my fault (or is it?) that Jack’s Urban Eats is walking distance from my work. What else has made the craving list? Decaf white mochas… I think I need at least two a week. Also, Taco Bell chalupas, and fried and sweet foods (candy). Very bad. Very, very bad 😦 I’m sad because I have never wanted so much processed, pre-packaged, BAD food for myself. Spam? Ew! I haven’t purchased or cooked it in almost two years! And what was the one thing I wanted my dear friend, Melissa, to bring to our house for dinner? Spam!!! It was disturbingly so delicious. I am hoping to turn around these cravings and channel the healthy and good side of myself again soon.


Looking forward to our appointment this Friday… We’ll get another ultrasound and listen to baby’s heartbeat!



Originally written on March 2nd, 2013 (Saturday) 


My other dear friend, Johanna, made me Filipino spaghetti! I was super sneaky (not) and sent subliminal messages to her about making me some on the weekend. She’s the best and made a huge batch for all of our friends! Oh boy oh boy it was DEEE-LISH! Thanks, my F!

2013-03-02 Filipino Spaghetti Night with MJCC


Check out part one if you missed it! And part two… And part three


9 thoughts on “1st trimester cravings and The Pregnancy Journal (late post #4)

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  4. Ha! French fries are soo my gulity pleasure, but I’m not preggo so I have no excuse. Lol! Hope the cravings get better/healthier, but either way… enjoy it! CONGRATS again! 🙂


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