Week 6 and 7 Updates (late post #2)

In case you missed the news… we’re expecting! Because we were waiting quite a while to share our news with everyone, I wrote a few posts to record our experiences and feelings of the new chapter in our lives. Here’s part one in case you missed it! And part two is below… and part three… and part four


This post was originally written on January 15th, 2013 (Tuesday)

2013-01-13 Week 07

Week 6 Update

It’s such a challenge keeping our little secret!!! We’ve seen our good friends on multiple occasions and had to divert attention, make stuff up, or just avoid any references to us being pregnant. We have decided to wait and see how my first appointment goes with a doctor and go from there as to whether we will finally share our good news. My first appointment is technically a phone appointment and it is more of an informative session with a nurse. From there, I should receive instructions for a blood test and then (hopefully) get an appointment to physically meet with a nurse or doctor and get an ultrasound! That phone appointment is tomorrow, so let’s cross our fingers until then.

I threw up for the first time last week =( It sucked really bad because I was at work. Thankfully, I had time to go to the car and relax first, but then I couldn’t hold it in and did it right there in the parking garage. Sorry from the bottom of my heart, Mr. Parking Garage. Even though I was probably nauseous from the pregnancy, part of the reason I have been feeling sick is because I actually am sick! I caught some bug at work and spent the whole weekend recovering. It’s been a rough road dealing with the headaches, backaches, fatigue, and cough/sniffles. I had imagined being strong and not letting side effects get to me, but I do occasionally wake up a bit nauseous or my head starts spinning and I’m really dizzy. I have to listen to my body and rest or stop what I’m doing and eat, drink, or even take some Tylenol (the pregnancy newsletter from Kaiser says Tylenol is safe!).

As for food cravings, I’m actually finding that I have food aversions. When it’s time to eat something, I go through different menu possibilities in my head, tossing all of the ideas that make me want to gag and then finally finding something I can tolerate eating. Over the weekend, I really wanted a Subway sandwich and cookies. Last night, chicken nuggets sounded great, but I didn’t want them from McDonald’s so we picked some up at Raley’s. I’ve been drinking warm/hot water a lot. Just plain ol’ water, nothing added. The thing I really want next is Jack’s Urban Eats. It’s only a few blocks away from work. Hopefully I can convince the hubs to bring me there before the week is over.

I’m still trying to wrap my brain around all of the changes that we will be going through in the months to come: body changes (me), new furniture and baby stuff in the house, another human being living with us, the responsibility of another person, and all that other good stuff. But with each day that passes by, we grow more and more excited and anxious to meet our future baby. The prayers continue for a good pregnancy and a healthy baby!

I found this awesome link at BabyCenter.com that shows a comparison of baby’s size from week to week. Here are a few weeks we’ve already gone through!

At 5 weeks, baby is the size of a sesame seed!

week 06 - sesame seed

At 6 weeks, baby is the size of a lentil!

week 06 - lentil


Originally written: January 24th, 2013 (Thursday)

The day before our first appointment

Less than 24 hours! Ahh!!! It’s so hard to focus at work right now, or on anything really. We cannot wait to learn about baby and hear all about how developed he/she is and what we need to know and do and look forward to. But at the same time, the hubby reminded me at the beginning of the week to enjoy every day we have until the appointment and not necessarily just zoom on by. That has been helpful as I have been able to take time to still be productive around the house (all I’ve done are dishes), grocery shop (what’s with that Costco store taking all your money?), and daydream about baby. I came across this amazing blog called Little Baby Garvin. She’s the mastermind behind the super-creative-and-awesome chalkboard weekly baby bump updates. Turns out she has really great taste in writing/font choice (I have an odd obsession with fonts and cool writings, by hand especially). She provides lists of her favorite baby items during the first year of having her baby girl. I will certainly be stalking this blog and soaking up a lot of her tips/advice.

Another thing we’re looking forward to is finally revealing our news to some of our closest friends! We plan to invite them over and somehow surprise them with the ultrasound video we were told we can take home with us from our appointment (how cool is that?). The first “round” of revealing the news will take place tomorrow night (after the appointment). This will be a smaller gathering. The second “round” will take place Saturday for a mini-brunch/lunch at our place. Our reason for the shindig is that two of our friends haven’t yet seen our pad yet, so we thought it was finally time. Of course, this is true, but it was also a way to get our friends together without any suspicions (we don’t host that much in comparison to the rest of the group! Hoping to change that).

Well, this is where I leave you. I will report back with how the appointment went, as well as both “reveal nights!”

At 7 weeks, baby is the size of a blueberry!

week 07 - blueberry


Check out part one in case you missed it! And part three… and part four


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