We’re having a baby! (late post #1)

In case you missed the news… we’re expecting! Because we were waiting quite a while to share our news with everyone, I wrote a few posts to record our experiences and feelings of the new chapter in our lives. Here’s part one below! And part two… and part three… and part four


The following post was originally written on January 5th, 2013 (Saturday)

We just found out we’re pregnant!!!

Today is January 5th, 2013. We just found out last night that we are pregnant!!! We are bursting with happiness and joy. We feel extremely blessed and excited. So many emotions and thoughts going through our heads!

Last night, we decided it was finally time to take a test. All week long we have had growing suspicions  that I might be pregnant. We said a prayer together at our altar on the top of our stairs. Then we gathered the courage and I took two different pregnancy tests. I also took another later that night. And then this morning, I took one more and sure enough they all looked like this!

Ok, rewind. Here’s what happened in between our prayer and the first set of tests I took! The hubs took a video of ourselves before the first two tests we took. Then afterward, he put 3 minutes on our microwave timer and we waited… Seemed like a long time! Then he took this video to capture our reactions. Even though I don’t like hearing myself talk in a video, I am so happy he captured these memories. The hubs cried while I stood there like a cheeseball. Hmm, very reminiscent of our wedding. It was an incredible feeling finding out. It definitely hasn’t hit me yet as I kept having to ask questions such as, “Was that really a second line?” “Are we really pregnant?” “Wow, are we going to be parents?”

We are thrilled:

Hubs took my first picture of my preggo belly:

We had to go to the mall that evening so while we were there, we picked up some Niner booties! These would play a part in our reveal to my family as soon as we could see them.

The next day (which is today), we made plans to share the news to my mom, dad, and sister. We called and told them we had to stop by their house to drop off some food (we truly did have food to drop off). Trying to be as casual and relaxed as possible, we ate lunch while they hung around the house. Then after some time, we decided it was time. I called my sister near to the couch where my parents already were. I handed her a gift, which I told her to give to my mom and tell her to open it. Hubs snuck in a video to capture their reactions.

The reveal went very well. It was so funny that my mom didn’t know at first what the booties meant! My sister told me that she knew instantly. But my mom and dad were struggling trying to figure it out and the hubs kept giving them hints. Finally, they were so excited once they realized our message to them! It is an amazing feeling to share this news with our parents as we know they have been anxiously looking forward to becoming grandparents. We took some great pictures afterward:

Mom was sure to tell me not to snowboard or play volleyball and just to rest! This will be quite the challenge as it is snowboarding season, I am in the middle of a volleyball season, and I had made plans to run a 5K fun run series this year (there are five of them!).

We revealed the great news to the hubs’ parents tonight over Tango (a program like Skype). Wish we could have seen them in person to tell them the news. We came up with an idea to get a hold of them on the phone and explain that we had to Tango with them and show them a new home purchase. During their recent visit, we all went shopping and showed them a dining room table we would really like for our house. Although it made sense to us that it was important to show them the table, we didn’t realize that it was impossible for the table to have been purchased and delivered in less than two days. We proceeded anyway and after some technical difficulties, we finally got them live on Tango, and the hubs sent an e-mail titled, “Our Dining Room Furniture”with a message that only said “Click HERE.” The link brought them to an e-card greeting with animation (this is just a screenshot picture):

It was so awesome watching them learn the news. We even “took” this picture with them: 

It felt so good to finally let them know! The emotions were high and we could feel their happiness, even as they are across the country. Now that both sets of parents and my sister know, we are even more excited!

We are praying for a safe, healthy, and wonderful pregnancy. Praying for a journey full of support and love for each other and from our family and closest friends. I can’t wait for what each day will bring and I’m looking forward so much to our future addition. We already love our baby so much and can’t wait to meet him or her!


Check out part two next! And part three… and part four


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