Old Wives’ Tales and Healthy(er) Eating

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2013-03-16 Week 152013-03-24 Week 16


Special shot out to Johanna and Lani for the sweet words on their blogs! Go check out their blogs and say “hi!”


Yay, we’re at 16 weeks and 3 days! Yes, I am counting the days because now that I’ve entered this world of pregnancy, I am obsessed very informed about how the timeline works. I used to be confused as to why it was so important for expecting mothers to report their progress in weeks and days and months with fractions at the end. I would just want the gal to tell me an approximate number of months, because I could relate to that. So in case you are confused yourself, 16 weeks and 3 days is roughly translated into 3.7 months, or almost 4 months. If you are still confused and wanting to tell me that 16 months should mean 4 months exactly, well, think about how many months are actually 4.5 weeks long. Yeah, my head spun a lot at first, too.


I came across this blog post about Old Wives’ Tales during pregnancy and could not stop laughing! It’s an awesome post and Stacy has a great sense of humor (and sarcasm) and writes really well. One of my favorite ones is about spinning your wedding ring on a piece of string and holding it over your pregnant belly to determine baby’s sex – yeah, I would think the outcome of that test is more a result of the person holding the string, too!!!


It’s been an interesting journey food-wise for me so far. I started out not too well – fried food, lots of sugar, and just plain ol’ BAD-for-ya food. Remember the French fries, spam, and Filipino spaghetti? Well, here’s a look at my handy dandy Tupperware I bring to work. Notice how it’s gone from really bad to better and actually pretty healthy? I have to remind myself out loud, Skittles are NOT a breakfast item and should even just not be at my desk!

 Skittles, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered sea salt butterscotch caramels (YUMMMMM), & more candy…

snackssnacks2 snacks3 snacks4 snacks5 snacks6 snacks7 snacks8

And finally… peanuts, carrot sticks, cheese & crackers, dried and fresh fruit…


Any other crazy Old Wives’ Tales for pregnancy out there that you’ve heard of? Did any of them turn out to be true?

Please give me more healthy snack ideas! Preferably easy to prepare and YUMMY!


10 thoughts on “Old Wives’ Tales and Healthy(er) Eating

  1. I honestly don’t remember what I was eating during my pregnancy. I’ve always been very picky so my food choices changed consistently. Good job on eating healthier snacks! You’re on the right track. And look at that bump… so cute!


  2. Some old wives tales I’ve heard: if your tummy looks like a basketball shape, you’re having a boy, if tummy is football shaped, you’re having a girl. Big tummies mean big babies, small tummies mean small babies and easy delivery (I got this one a lot! That was a untrue!)


    • I never imagined a football shaped tummy! The big tummy vs small tummy makes sense, but I’m glad to learn now that it’s not true. I’ll just keep nodding my head when people try to tell me these things!


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