Week 18 & Expecting Twins!

18First off, how about a bump pic? This is me at 18 weeks. Wow. What a difference from Week 17, eh? In fact, the growth has been extremely quick. Check out previous weeks here. I’m feeling great, although the belly is sure working hard to keep up with this rapid growth. I’m already struggling to get in and out of bed and waddling struttin’ my preggo swag.

Now, if you think you’re seeing double (see blog title)… well then, you’re right! Why should WE be the only ones to see double??? I want you to experience it, too! What the heck am I talking about? I’m talking about the fact that not only ONE bun is cooking in the oven… but in fact TWO!!! Yes, two babies. Two heartbeats. Two humans. Two miracles.

WE’RE HAVING TWINS!!! peas in a pod

Here are some FAQs we’ve been getting since we shared the news w/ family and friends. Then I’ll write about the actual story.

Q. Do twins run in either side of our families?

A. YES! Not mine, but the hubs has one set of twins. His mother’s brother’s daughter has a twin boy & girl, and they were actually part of our wedding as ring bearer and flower girl.

Q. Was this natural?

A. Yes.

Q. Do we know what sex the babies are?

A. No. We’ll find out soon… April 22nd!

Q. Why did we only find out now?

A. Beats us! We had two separate ultrasounds prior to finding out and in each case, only one baby was spotted. We are told that the one baby must have been hiding exactly behind the other.

Q. How did we find out?

A. Glad you asked! Keep on reading to learn about the whirlwind we’ve been in over the last few days.


Short version:

I had a pain in my belly on Friday and asked to be checked out. I was seen that afternoon by a doctor who happened to DISCOVER the second baby while checking out my belly. Just. Like. That. Just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, I asked to be seen again on Monday and sure enough, the ultrasound revealed that there were still two!


Long version:


It was Friday, the 5th. A cramp on the left side of my belly woke me up really early in the morning. It wasn’t time to get up yet, but I had to use the restroom. I couldn’t stand up straight. I hobbled over to the bathroom with a little hunchback and then soon made it back to bed to sleep a little more. I woke up for work and the cramp was still there. I tried to not worry about it and just kept getting ready for work. After driving and arriving at work, the cramp did not subside at all and when I had to go to the restroom all hobbled again, I really thought something must be wrong!


Called an advice nurse, she suggested I come in to be seen and make sure everything’s fine. I had no other symptoms (bleeding, nausea, fever), but since it was a NEW symptom, I should see a doctor just be sure. Funny thing: I actually called my girlfriend, Mel, for her advice as to whether I was just trippin! She encouraged me to take advantage of the appointment and chance to hear/see baby, therefore eliminating any worries. I agreed, but then when I noticed the cramp was going away, I almost CANCELLED the appointment! I thought it wasn’t necessary to waste a trip (I’d have to go from downtown Sac all the way to Elk Grove) and I might really be just fine. Kept the appointment anyway and lo and behold…


Doctor (not my primary OB/GYN) checked baby’s heartbeat. 150 bpm. Great. Fabulous, really. (Hubs still believes with all his heart that the high heartbeat ensures it’s a girl.) But oh, let’s go ahead and do a sonogram, just to really scope out the place (place meaning my uterus). It was like a movie. Doctor uses device to show me that baby is doing fine, we see the heartbeat on the screen, baby looks bigger (duh, we haven’t seen him/her in almost two months!). No worries, right?

Then she pauses and says softly, “Oh.” My eyes open very wide and I think I stopped breathing. “Oh?” I ask. She says, “Hmm. Looks like I’m seeing something else in there. See that?” She points to the screen. As she waits for my answer, I’m thinking, ok, I do see that. I see ANOTHER head and what looks like another body… hmm… I may have lost brain power at this point. I answer back, “is that a…???” She gets excited. “Looks like you’re having two!” I freak out, my mind is both racing AND going blank at the same time, and I think about how my husband is not with me! He stayed behind at work thinking I would just have a quick check-up. I exclaim, “Oh no! My husband isn’t here to see this! Really? There are two? Doctor…” – I touch her shoulder – “Are you sure?” She reassures me that she knows what she is seeing and congratulates me. I told her I am extremely happy, just completely shocked, and she reassures me that the shock is expected, but she’s more glad to know how happy I am. It’s crazy because the second baby was really low on my left side and where was my cramp I’d been feeling all day? ON MY LEFT! It was the second baby telling me, “Hey! Can someone please acknowledge me already?!”


I was allowed to hang out in the doctor’s room for a bit longer as I called my husband. He was at his desk at work and couldn’t exactly yell at the top of his lungs, but he was thrilled and in disbelief and just so excited. We were both feeling like we were going crazy! After that, while the hubby called his mom, I called my mom and she was just as excited, too, and couldn’t believe it. I called my sister next and she kept saying, “What?!” I had to wait until I saw my dad that evening since he was working.

Since I couldn’t believe what just happened, I e-mailed my doctor right away once I returned to work. I asked if she really saw two babies and that I wasn’t dreaming. She confirmed and told me congrats again. I forwarded the e-mail to my mom, hubs, and sister right away. It’s not that they didn’t believe me, but of course, how can you wrap your brain around some news like that so quickly?

It was wonderful sharing the news w/ all of my family. All the excitement was making everything more and more real. My dad was so shocked that he had a little bit of trouble focusing and driving all of us for a quick celebration for frozen yogurt. I also called the hubby’s mom and again, more great feelings of support and love. We also visited friends that night and since other friends were out of town, we made sure to video chat with them so they all knew the great news at once!


Ever since the moment I found out and all throughout the weekend, I felt like I was dreaming. I had never felt such a strong out-of-body experience and I certainly never felt in a daze for DAYS (did you notice the play on words there?). So, in order to really pinch myself and ensure this was reality, I asked my doc (my actual OB this time) if I could come in for an ultrasound to not only see the babies on the screen again, but to get a printout of the sonogram this time! I was only able to see my nurse, but she did take me in that afternoon. And there they were. Baby A was on my right side and Baby B was on the left. Baby A was quite the mover, squirming and kicking Baby B. What a joy to see the screen and how miraculous was the experience.

Turns out I don’t have to do TOO much different. Still eat healthy, get plenty of rest, keep up with appointments. I learned that I will actually have DOUBLE the appointments and a nurse will be calling me to check in every so often once things really start to pick up. I asked if there were any online resources or reading material for me to dive into because I can Google pretty intensely otherwise. But unfortunately there weren’t any available, so I will have to resort to my What to Expect book and hopefully finding good websites and forums online.


Of course, an updated announcement pic was in order (awesome paint skills, right?). 🙂

Baby-Deleon-3 revised final


Have you ever made a discovery of something that was there all along?


Mothers and current pregnant women, what resources did/do you find the most helpful? Is it a book, website, or other resource?

9 thoughts on “Week 18 & Expecting Twins!

  1. OH MAN, I still cannot contain my excitement for the 2 [or should I say 4?!] of you?! That is just crazy, but wonderful news! Glad we got to catch up last night btw! Thanks for inviting me over… FINALLY! Lol. I love the new house btw, it’s beaaaautifullll! Oh, & sorry for the “accident” too, so unexpected! Won’t happen again… promise, lol.


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