Week 20… HALFWAY THERE!!!!!!

20We’ve reached the halfway point! It’s hard to believe that these babies have been cooking for 20 whole weeks. Here I am, belly continues to grow each day! Even though we’ve reached the halfway point, our timeline is slightly different since I am carrying two. In pregnancies with multiples, it is more common for the babies to make their debut a little earlier than when there is only one baby in the oven (known as a singleton birth). With a singleton pregnancy, full-term is considered 40 weeks whereas in a twin pregnancy, full-term is considered 37 weeks. We’re praying and hoping our angels stay strong and go the whole way!

Some random thoughts I want to share… the first trimester felt a little slow for us, especially since we waited a little while to share our news with everyone. Now that the second semester is in full swing, it feels like things are on a roll and flying by so fast! I really believe that the turning point in the “speed” of our pregnancy was finding out about the twins. Before finding out, I was a lot more calm and not worrying too much about how things would work out. Everyone would tell me that things would just fall in place. Then, once the other baby was discovered, something kicked in and now I have to figure out how to organize and prepare everything before their arrival!

Our reveal day is today! We will be going to the radiology department and finding out things we’ve been waiting for forever! Are our babies identical or fraternal? Are they in one sac or two? Are they two boys, two girls, or a girl and a boy?!?! We’re also hoping the babies cooperate because we’ve heard the babies can be in a position that doesn’t allow us to know their sex or one baby might hide the other! Also at our doctor’s appointment, I plan to ask for advice on keeping the babies in for as long as possible and how to avoid bed rest. Twin pregnancies have higher risks and I am still learning a lot of things about what to expect and what I can do to stay as healthy as possible and especially keep the babies as healthy as possible.


What’s your guess on the babies’ sexes? Will we need everything blue, everything pink, or half and half?


Do you have any information about carrying multiples and advice/tips to share? We need all the help we can get to keep these buns cooking as long as possible!

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