Week 25 & a peek at what our boys will look like

2013-05-27 Week 25

Whiteboard credit: The Hubs; Photo credit: The Hubs

This week’s update is brought to you by… the hubby! He was super sweet and prepared the whiteboard for me today! We’re so happy to celebrate not only another week – yay big 25! – but to also have celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary! Two years and two babies down 🙂 At our last ultrasound, our babies were guestimated to be 1.7 (Baby A) and 1.9 (Baby B) lbs. They are growing very well and we’re so proud of them. I’m feeling their movements more and more, although it’s still sporadic. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like a few weeks from now when they are bigger and stronger and start throwing jabs at me.

We know our boys will be the best of friends already because check out this story… For the longest time, Baby A was vertex (head down in my tummy) and Baby B was breech (head up). Then at a recent ultrasound, we found out that Baby A had flipped and that means both babies’ heads were head up. The (awesome) sonographer, Laura, took our favorite ultrasound picture ever… the boys’ heads were right next to each other! It was the sweetest thing. The hubs said that Baby A turned around to have a pep talk with his brother and make sure they stay strong together. It was an amazing feeling to see that picture.

Are you as anxious as we are to know what our boys will look like? Well here’s a clue…


Yup! That’s the hubs as a kid! The pics are at different ages, but isn’t it a great glimpse into the future?!

Some fun recaps from the past few weeks… we celebrated Mother’s Day at our house. Look at the yummy meal we had!




Two of my closest friends brought me some goodies… Aprille brought be yummy boba & Bernard brought over beautiful flowers. The hubs and sister have been so helpful. Here’s the meal they prepared the other day. I can get used to this!!! Mom & Dad have also been cooking food for us and bringing us goodies like crazy… Mom’s new favorite is the Vietnamese sandwiches. She has been missing out this whole time! 🙂





Mom’s yummy Tinola – I call it my Filipino Chicken Soup


It’s your turn…

How did you spend your Mother’s Day?

What’s a favorite home-cooked dish you look forward to from your mom or dad?

Do you like boba drinks (also called tapioca pearls or bubble drinks)? What’s your favorite flavor?

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