Eat more & slow down

“Eat more & slow down.” That’s the basic prescription I’ve been given ever since we found out we are having twins. My Juggling Twins book explains the “importance of substantial maternal gain” and the importance of resting and not pushing myself until I am exhausted. I am proud to report that I am doing much better with the weight gain (partly due to a more rounded diet and more calories) and I am certainly exercising my Queenship already! It’s a blessing having the hubs and my family be so helpful and willing to do so much for me. I literally don’t lift a finger. I am not used to slowing down and not staying busy, but I learned to just enjoy this time because it will end and soon enough my hands will be full with two bouncing baby boys!

This has become a favorite thing to do: prepare a nice meal (do you like my flower touch?) and enjoy catching up on TV shows (any Gossip Girl fans out there?!). It’s really hard to have well-balanced, nourishing meals all the time, as well as have healthy snacks around the clock. But I have been better at pushing myself because it is all for the sake of the babies!


I have to share this awesome sonogram: it’s of our boys with their heads next to each other! The most amazing thing happened. Baby A (baby on my right side) was in my belly head down (vertex) for the longest time and Baby B (on my left) was breech (head up). Then at one of our ultrasounds, Baby A had flipped and was head up. Our awesome sonogram technician took this picture and it just melted our hearts immediately. It is by far our favorite picture of the boys (yet) and it actually holds a lot of meaning for us. I love the way the hubs put it: he said that it’s as if Baby A flipped to give his brother a pep talk about hanging in there and staying strong. Talk about a tear-jerker! The boys are best friends already 🙂

sonogram of our boys_0001

Is it too early to talk about what I am looking forward to post-pregnancy? I love being pregnant and everything, but as time goes by, I know I’m that much closer to doing things I used to do pre-pregnancy. I can’t wait to work out and run again, snowboard, wine & dine, and go on trips! I also know that some of these things will be different, but in a good way because we’ll have our boys to share our adventures with and enjoy new experiences.


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