10 things I miss

my pregnancy has been the most amazing experience and it is even more meaningful sharing every step of the way with my husband. we look forward to so much: our baby boys finally making their appearance, meeting them for the first time, the joy and love we’ll experience as we learn to take care of them, all of their milestones and accomplishments starting with learning to roll over, crawl, and walk, and so much more.

as glorious as those things are… i can’t help but share things i really miss since i’ve become pregnant! i debated whether or not i should share these things, but i figured that it is only the truth and i don’t want to act like everything is rainbows and ponies all the time. life does change with kids and it begins when they’re in the womb! here are the TOP TEN things i miss from pre-pregnancy…



ah. the smell, the taste, the warmth. my poor Starbucks gold card isn’t getting the usual love! when you’re pregnant, you’re allowed one cup of coffee. also, decaf is OK. but during the past few months, i decided to err on the side of caution and give it up altogether… or at least MOSTLY give it up – i still have an occasional decaf or a milk tea.



wine while i’m cooking, wine while winding down, wine with family and friends… i’m more of a white wine person than red, although i really consider myself just a drinker, not a taster. =P did you know… i can’t just pick up a glass of wine once the babies are out, mainly if i want to breastfeed. that means, i will have been sober for MORE than 9 months! maybe closer to 15 months or so! one drop and i just might drop… literally.



ok, not the hard core partying where you wake up somewhere unfamiliar and don’t remember the night before. but just the idea of being able to say “yes” to any party or shindig or outing and stay as late as i want. these days, it’s more important to rest and take it easy, which means i’ve been declining more functions than i ever imagined i would!



if you didn’t know, volleyball is my favorite sport! played since i was in 7th grade and continued to play through my second year of community college. after that, i played in random rec leagues and pick-up games. i remember when i first found out i was pregnant and had to stop playing in two leagues i was in at the time, i actually had a dream i was playing and woke up suddenly because i felt like the ball was heading straight for my face!



this past season was the first time the hubs and i didn’t buy season passes! we have bought passes for the previous three seasons. we really take advantage of our passes when we do get em, heading up to Lake Tahoe every chance we got. but we knew that this past season (’12-’13)



the year (or so) before i got pregnant, i was really getting into running. i was determined to complete a local 5K fun run series and was able to do #1 and #2 while pregnant!!! but after a while, it was just too uncomfortable for me and i was told to take it easy, so i stopped running altogether. plus, these babes were getting heavy! finding out i was carrying twins was the big reason why i also had to stop running – my belly was getting bigger than a singleton pregnancy and twin pregnancies are high risk.


working out

i have a love-hate relationship with working out. i love to get a good sweat in, feel the burn, and improve my stamina, flexibility, and strength. however, i am ashamed to admit that i make a ton of excuses for not working out, including not having the time or energy or being unprepared (not having gym clothes or a snack ready after work). but having not worked out during the past few months due to my high risk pregnancy, i have never missed working out so much. doing what’s best for my body is something i shouldn’t ever push to the side or not have time for. investing in a healthy body and knowing i am doing all i can to stay fit and in shape to keep up with my own children and future children’s children is all the motivation i need. as my girlfriend, Johanna, wrote, it’s really about discipline. we all know what to do. it’s a matter of just doing it! i look forward so much to getting back into shape post-pregnancy.


shopping for myself

despite my excitement to buy all kinds of cute clothing, toys, and goodies for the boys, i cannot lie. i miss when i was my #1! ok, and the hubs, too. =P it was fun while it lasted – buying whatever i wanted (but could afford of course). ever since getting pregnant, i’ve toned down the purchasing of things for myself, always asking if it’s a “want” or a “need.” but as time progressed throughout the pregnancy, i found myself more and more putting my needs and wants in the backseat and wanting to save money or spend it on the babies instead. funny how my parents told me that was the case with themselves and here i am, finally experiencing it.


getting pampered

i miss having the energy to straighten or curl my (super thick and voluminous) hair, get super dressed up, get a mani-pedi (or mostly do it myself), and just simply spend time pampering myself. these days, those things are luxuries and i’d rather plop on the couch or get more z’s than worry about pampering myself. although note to self: get the massage of a lifetime AND/OR find a chiropractor post-pregnancy. i would never have guessed how achy and sore my back would be while pregnant. also, i know now that i was silly thinking i would have the flexibility to do my own pedicures throughout pregnancy. boy was i wrong and i found that out about two months ago. luckily, i have a wonderful hubby who can do my nails and toes for me! what can’t this super-husband/super-future-dad do?!?!



other than my hubby, our boys, and food (and coffee. and wine. and… ok all the above), i miss a good night’s sleep!!! luckily, i am able to fall asleep pretty easily and i love taking naps during the day. but between bathroom breaks in the middle of the night and taking meds, my sleep is no longer undisrupted and i wake up not as rested as i’d like. i can’t complain too much – i still get a good 7-8 hours of sleep total. but i need those REM cycles!!! read: i wake up every 2 hours!!! again, i remind myself of something i read in a pregnancy group forum: the lack and disruption of sleep is nature’s way of preparing you for feeding your little one. in my case, little ones!


It’s your turn!

What are some things you would miss GREATLY if taken away from you? 

What is the longest time you “gave up” something?

Moms and moms-to-be, what are some things you missed/miss during your pregnancy?

2 thoughts on “10 things I miss

  1. Loved this blog and that you’re “keeping it real” for yourself. Life def is not rainbows and ponies, but you seem to be taking the good and the bad in stride. Hope after the boys are born you’ll learn to find and manage your family-your life balance and are reunited with the things you now miss. XOXOX


  2. I feel your joy and pain Sha!!! I think the only thing I would add is kickboxing…but otherwise your story could be my story (minus the extra baby) 😉 I’ll come give you a pedi if you give me one hehe oh and I found a place that does prenatal chiro & massage, but it’s in Roseville. Text me if you want the info. Love ya


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