Week 30 & deliciousness!


Happy 30 weeks to us!!!


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Just when Week 24 and Week 28 were important milestones for us, reaching this 30th week was even MORE of a milestone! And even though we’ve reached 30 weeks, we are still greedy and want to make it to Week 32, then 34, and 36… Patience is a virtue and I’ll tell ya, we have MUCH of that! As anxious and excited as I am to meet our little guys, I can and WILL wait as long as possible. It’s crazy to see how far we’ve come from even just finding out we’re having these two little monkeys 🙂

We have so much to be thankful for. Having a twin pregnancy is certainly a double blessing and very exciting, but it is not without its risks and challenges. At our most recent ultrasound appointment, the babies measured just over 2.5 lbs each. So technically, I’m caring 5+ lbs of baby! The weight and size is tricking my body into thinking that I am closer to my due date than I really am, just by nature of how big my uterus is getting. With that said, I really have to be careful with every move I make and try to lessen the pressure so that I stay pregnant for as long as possible and avoid pre-term labor.

With each day and each week that goes by, we are so grateful that our babies have cooked that much longer! Making it into the “30s” makes me truly happy. We just want what’s best for these babies. It’s crazy to feel an immense love and care for two people you have never met before! Although, we know each other pretty well – they are kicking, rolling, and even hiccupping like crazy these days! Most of the movement happens in the morning and late evenings, but nonetheless, every move I feel is incredible.

Because we are entering a SCORCHER this weekend, this was me before one of my appointments this week:


It was 95 degrees when I stepped out of the house on this day and apparently it will reach the 100s all weekend long! I had to take a picture of the TV when I saw this:


As I’ve always looked forward to the summer being pregnant (I know, who does?), I am even more excited when I can make use of clothing that I already had prior to the pregnancy. Maternity clothes can be super expensive and they are only needed for a short time! This lovely dress was given to me from a good friend on my bachelorette night actually =P Oh how I miss the days of partying-hardying… speaking of which… I found this funny infographic (I think that’s what they’re called?) on an old pregnancy post from Little Baby Garvin:


On to the yummy stuff… 🙂

The sister and I had yummy yummy boba drinks today! We both got Thai iced teas and they were deeeelicious. You may notice that I really like, no love, my boba


This week, the hubs did a Costco run… ALL BY HIMSELF! I am so proud of him. We almost always do our shopping together, but I need to take it really easy right now so he volunteered to get all our essentials and other items we want to stock up on before the boys are here. He even finished in good time! One thing that he got really surprised me… he bought It’s It ice cream sandwiches!!! I totally forgot that I mentioned how much I really wanted to try these ever since I saw them on a Hungry Runner Girl post. Yum! They are a new favorite and have come in handy not only for that sweet fix, but to beat the heat!


The sister cooked dinner for us yesterday. Y-U-M!!! She made enchiladas, spanish rice, and black beans.


Lastly, my good friend, Karen, came to visit me with her cutie patootie baby boy. Gave me a little glimpse into what a 1 y.o. boy is like and the kind of things I have to look forward to. Karen brought me a yummy Starbucks. No pic, but it’s not a mystery what that looks like.



My LONG, LONG time friend (we go back to 1st grade!), Bernard, just launched his new VLOG! This amazing, talented, personable, and hilarious guy was one of our two AWESOME emcees at our wedding! He is overall a great friend and it is a blessing that we have found a way to remain good, close friends for about 20 years now (wow, that makes me feel really old!). Anywho, Bernard’s YouTube channel name is Bernard Landeh and he just uploaded his first post, part 1 of his NYC trip! Check him out, like, share, and subscribe, and stay tuned for NYC Parts 2 & 3!


What are you doing to beat the heat?

What is something delicious you’ve eating in the past week?

I'd love to hear from you!

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