Week 32 and baby classes

Week 32 - us

Whiteboard credit: The hubs 🙂

Happy 32 Weeks! Aren’t we just lovely 🙂 Another week down, just a couple more to go! The squirmy wormies are getting bigger and stronger. Tickling my ribs, knocking off things I place on my belly, and – worse of all – kicking my bladder (thanks, guys). Our last ultrasound showed they are each about 3.5 lbs! Yes, that means I’m pretty much hauling around 7 lbs of baby now! (Specfically, Baby A was estimated to be 3 lbs 7 oz but this was not a good estimate due to his positioning and Baby B was estimated to be 3 lbs 13 oz.) It’s incredible to know they grew each about 1 lb in two weeks.

Secret I’m going to share: I get super excited going to appointments because it’s finally the time I get to see the outside world! This is us before we went to our ultrasound last week:


We finally started taking our baby classes! First we had a class on newborn care:


He’s already a pro at holding two babies!


I’ll have to get used to this ASAP!


We’re swaddle pros now!

The class was super informative and helpful. We know very well that these babies are dolls that do not move, but at least we got to practice our diaper changing and swaddling. Our other class was on breastfeeding! Yes, this is my wonderful husband:


This was before the class…

Learned so much at this class as well. Loved the instructor. Our next class is on safety and CPR next week!

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