A birth story

At last! I managed to find time to write. I really want to share the story of the twins’ birth so I can get it out there already and especially before I forget all of the details. It still hasn’t hit me that I’m a mom. Part of the reason may be because the boys are not home with us yet. The other part is just that I am in so much awe of how perfect these two little babies are and I can’t believe we made them and that they are all ours. The hubby made this gorgeous necklace for me. It’s from Origami Owl and has cute little footprints for our boys, two August birthstones, the peridot (pronounced pear-uh-DOUGH, as I was corrected!), and a cross to represent our unfailing faith that has pulled us through our challenging journey and continues to keep us grounded.


Alright! Let’s rewind to the night of July 31st…

The moment it all began…

9:45 pm – We just finished eating dinner. Steak cooked by the hubby. My sister just left our house after hanging out with us all day. I told the hubby I would get ready for bed and try to sleep early for once (I had been sleeping pretty late watching TV shows… ahem, Game of Thrones!). This may be TMI for some of you, so skip to the next paragraph if you don’t wanna know… I sat down to pee and after I wiped myself and stood up, something kept trickling down into the toilet! I froze and my eyes were wide open and I sat back down to wipe myself again. Stood up after and there went the trickle! I called out to the hubs and said that I think my water either broke or I am leaking fluid. He couldn’t believe it at first until I told him I really REALLY thought it was time! I kept monitoring the leaks and soon after called in to labor and delivery. I explained what was happening and a nurse told me to head on over! Having twins and a high-risk pregnancy meant that I should go straight to the hospital the minute I was leaking or my water broke. They did not want me to wait for contractions to pick up.

On the way to the hospital… 

10:15 pm – Thank goodness I was prepared with my hospital bag! I calmly grabbed a few remaining items to throw into my bag while the hubby scrambled around putting his bag together (I kept telling him for days to prepare it!) But I didn’t mind at all because he had already done such an amazing job preparing for the boys, especially without my help since I was on bed rest. I just want to show you how stylish my hospital bag was! =P It’s actually a Petunia Pickle Bottom weekender diaper bag given to us by two really good friends. But I figured that I could put it to the test before using it with the boys…


Anywho… If my water was just leaking at home, then on the way to the hospital, my water definitely broke! I was grateful for a tip that a friend gave me, which was to put a garbage bag and towels in the car. The car ride was very chill and surprisingly calm. I always worried that deliver night would be a hectic ball of chaos, but instead, we kept our cool the entire ride there. We actually forgot to even put the radio on (something we ALWAYS do when we get into the car), but it was nice just talking with my hubs, anticipating the arrival of our little ones. There wasn’t any traffic on the road because it was late at night, so the drive was really nice and easy.

Arrival at the hospital… 

10:55 pm – I hadn’t felt any contractions since my water broke. I was still calm and relaxed as I walked up to the registration area. I was already pre-registered and a nurse told me they were expecting me! I was brought into a room to be evaluated for contractions and soure enough, the doctor who examined me confirmed I was in labor! At this time, Jing informed his parents and my family to let them know. Earlier, we told them we were on the way to the hospital, but now we knew for sure that tonight was the night! The doctor said I was 2 cm dilated and 100% effaced. This really made me realize the babies were coming. For the longest time (since May), I was dilated 1 cm and luckily stayed that way for the longest time, thanks to strict bed rest and meds. So to hear I was 2 cm woke me up that I was actually progressing and moving toward delivery!

The funny thing is, I was taken off those meds earlier that day (July 31st)!!! I had a regular check-up and my doc told me that they do not stop labor at 34 weeks and up. We asked her if this meant I would go into labor sooner than expected and she doubted it. Oh boy, how things were just the opposite that night!

In the triage area, I was hooked up to monitors for the babies’ heartbeats and my contractions. Sure enough, the contractions were getting on a very regular rhythm and were getting more intense, although not too intense just yet. I could feel my stomach tightening and then relaxing and I just kept holding on to my belly as it was my last night with the boys inside!


This is where I have to hurry up and shorten the rest of the post… baby needs are already consuming all of my “spare” (as if there is such a thing) time!

The waiting begins… 

12:55 pm – I was moved to a labor and delivery room where I would wait until showtime. I was told NOT to be a soldier and let the nurse know when I was ready for an epidural. I had recently gotten my first smartphone (finally joined the dark side) so I was able to enjoy surfing the net for a little bit before the contractions really began picking up. Here I am, ready to DO THIS!!!!


Epidural needed, stat!!! 

3:30 pm – By this time, I felt really bad contractions. After months of not going through that time of the month, it felt like it returned with a vengeance. I wanted to be a soldier, but it was time to speak up. I called a nurse and she brought the doctor with her to check out how dilated I was. Remember how I was dilated 2 cm upon arrival to the hospital? Well… now I was 8 cm!!! I guess I was a soldier! The doc said it was a good thing I called them because any further and I may not have been able to get the epidural. After the epidural was placed in (which went as smooth as can be, thank goodness!), I was 9 cm dilated! Doc said it was straight to delivery we go. No time to waste! I can’t believe I had no time to “enjoy” being drugged up and just waiting around. It was SHOWTIME!!!

We were going to the OR (operating room) just in case, but I was going to do this naturally (push em out!). It was a really last minute decision, but ultimately, I was overly grateful for the doc who pushed me to go natural. Dr. MacNear, THANK YOU! We were unsure for the longest time whether I’d have a C-section and at last it was decided. Doesn’t my hubs look great in scrubs? 😉 Whoa, unintentional rhyme, did you see that?


Here we go… 

Sometime after – I arrived at the OR and the doc checked me again – fully dilated! After all the books, all the videos, all the classes, all the advice, I honestly feel like everything went out the window and I was focused on the here and now. I soaked everything in: the equipment in the room, each of the many nurses ready to care for the newly born babies, the doctors, the nurse on my right giving me instructions when to push, and most importantly, my husband to my left coaching me, holding me through it all. I am glad I got the epidural. I cannot imagine not having it. I still felt a lot of pressure pushing out Baby A. But he eventually made it out! Baby B had to come out through a breech extraction. I was able to hold each baby as soon as they came out and Jing cut both of their cords! 🙂

Special delivery (times two)! 

Adrian Joseph

Born August 1, 2013 at 4:40 am

4 lbs 14 oz, 19 inches


Jeremiah Tyler

Born August 1, 2013 at 4:43 am

5 lbs 3 oz, 18.5 inches


Thanks for reading! 🙂


Update: One year later…

Check out my monthly updates throughout the boys’ first year! Can you believe they’re already a year old?

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