Our maternity shoot

Never too late to share amazing pictures!!! When I reached 28 weeks pregnant, our good friends helped us capture our TWIN pregnancy through this awesome maternity shoot. It was something I really wanted to do, but was afraid wouldn’t happen because I was on bed rest and wasn’t sure how each day/week would be carrying the twins. Thanks to my sweet and talented friend, Johanna, I was dolled up and got to enjoy posing for these pictures with the hubs! It was a short photo shoot and the cool thing was we did it right in our home! The first half were taken in our living room, showcasing our new living room set. The second half were taken in our backyard. You can see the beautiful landscaping my dad has done for our backyard. 🙂 Hope you love them as much as we do!!!

ShaJingMaternity-13 ShaJingMaternity-18 ShaJingMaternity-19 ShaJingMaternity-33 ShaJingMaternity-41 ShaJingMaternity-53 ShaJingMaternity-58 ShaJingMaternity-62 ShaJingMaternity-74 ShaJingMaternity-78 ShaJingMaternity-87See more here!


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