First run postpartum, golfing, & a mini-date

I did it! I went for my first run postpartum (or post-babies). Ok, it was more of a walk/jog, but I did it: I laced up, put on my favorite running shirt, and out the door I went. It was my goal to get back into running and today was the first day I could since it has been exactly 6 weeks since I gave birth. Thanks to the hubby who held the fort down and supported/pushed me to get out there. It’s been super long since my last run, so my goal was to do an easy mile. I am sad that my Garmin was out of battery and right now I don’t have a non-Apple computer to charge it and upload runs. So instead, I used my handy dandy Smartphone and quickly downloaded a running app so I could track my mileage and time. I ended up completing 1.05 miles in 15:05!

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed:


Nice evening, beautiful weather


My first “real” pair of running shoes:


The aftermath:


Earlier this week, I also got back onto the golf course! It was a lot of fun playing and I didn’t do THAT bad. I need to work on concentrating… that would help me a whole lot. I tend to put pressure on myself and feel conscious of those around me. When I really relax and focus, I can actually hit a ball decently!


Today was really nice since the hubs and I got to go on a little date. His mom and dad relieved us of baby duties while we went out to get some Starbucks, eat Pho, and of course, run some errands for the babies. It’s funny because even though this date was for US, we found ourselves constantly talking about the boys during dinner. We love them way too much.

I present to you, a green monster (crazy concoction) and… SALTED CARAMEL MOCHA FRAPPUCINO! YUMMMMM…


Vermicelli bowl, Pho, and a strawberry shake 🙂 Was craving me some Pho!


Here we are:) Always keeping the love alive!


The boys each did something really cute last night during my night shift. As I brought their bottle to them, they placed a hand on the side! It was so adorable and yet bittersweet to think they are growing so fast.


Adrian holding onto his bottle


Jeremiah holding onto his bottle

And lastly… I just have to share the cute positions they put themselves in!



Well, good night, er, good nap? I think that’s what it’s called at 5 AM.

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