It takes a village and our first family picture

Here is our first family picture, taken in the NICU just before Jeremiah came home. Can’t believe how big the boys are now!


Our first family picture in the NICU

Late pictures: From the boys’ one month celebration! Click HERE for their one month update. We were a week late, but it was a MUST to celebrate the boys’ one month birthday! The nice thing about waiting a week was that it was Grandparents’ Day! It was perfect having both sets of grandparents with the boys to celebrate two special occasions.


Happy One Month, Adrian & Jeremiah!


Caught a smile!

I just wanted to write about how amazing our support system has been. It is true: It takes a village to raise a child. In our case, it must take a village X 2!!! There is no possible way we could have ever taken care of these babies on our own. My family has been such a great help, even before the babies were here and I was on strict bed rest. Not only do they come over to help care for the boys, relieving me and the hubs so we can take naps and showers or run errands, they cook and provide food for us! Whether it’s home-cooked meals, take out, or fast food, they make sure that we are fed. This has helped immensely as I even forget to eat a meal during the day. My days are such a blur even though they feel so long. It’s nice to have relief and a moment where I can just take my mind off the babies and get a breather. Of course I miss them all the time and want to be with them always, but I really think I’d go insane if I didn’t smell the roses or remember to take care of myself.

Here’s my family! Mom, dad, and sis 🙂

With Grama & Grampa!

With Grama & Grampa!

With Auntie Ninang!

With Auntie Ninang!

The hubs’ parents stayed with us for almost two weeks. They helped out a lot in caring for the boys and helping us around the house. Jing’s mom especially cooked up a storm! It was nice that the boys got to spend time with their grandparents. They’re looking forward to seeing them again soon!

With Lolo and Lola!

With Lolo and Lola!

Remember that chocolate cake I was diggin’ into? It was from the boys’ celebration…



Happy Grandparents’ Day!!!


With Lolo & Grampa


With Grama & Lola


With Auntie Ninang

A lot of family and friends have visited and it’s been wonderful having them meet the babies. We’re exhausted and can barely entertain, but I guess that’s OK! One particular visit I want to highlight is from these kiddos. I have seen these kids grow up and I can’t believe they are meeting MY babies now! By the way, Noah (left) and Naty (2nd from right) are twinsies themselves and were in our wedding!


Happy 18th, Micayla!!!!!!

We really wish we could be there for your big party. The boys love you and miss you!

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