Social babies, first trip to the park, and red envelopes


It’s been… oh, I don’t know, a couple of weeks since I went for that first run postpartum? My excuses reasons are that I can barely catch a break to eat, sleep, and take a shower (sorry, TMI) as I juggle these twinfants (<– haha, do you like that one?), and that I heard I should be careful when getting back into work out mode because it can mess with milk production. Of course I don’t want to be a complete lazy bum, so I compromise by carrying the babies a lot (that’s 11 pounds of arm strength training!) and sometimes doing squats or lunges as I hold them! Hopefully we can go on more walks so at least I am getting sunshine and moving about 🙂

Ok, let’s get to the good stuff! Some fun pictures I want to share that I didn’t get a chance to upload on my Instagram, which, by the way, you can find more pictures and updates! See #thedeleontwins, lol.

Here’s Adrian doing a great job on tummy time! It’s usually not his favorite.

Jeremiah making some silly and cute faces! Both boys are getting more social and giving us the most darling smiles. This past week is when we saw the first signs of being social. They are jumping and kicking a lot. It looks like they are so happy and excited when we talk to them and it just fuels us up with happiness. 

PhotoGrid_1381724926146My big thing I’ve started in the past few weeks is… BROTHER TIME!!! I love the idea of the boys learning to get along as early as possible. Since they were in the NICU for their first few weeks of life, they had to be separated=( But now that they are free to move about the country (did you hear that Southwest Airlines voice?), I place them together in their Pack n Play in the mornings after a good feeding. It’s so much fun and SUPER cute! Some days go really well and I find myself literally saying, “Thank you, boys!” out loud because I get a break to finally eat a good meal or freshen up from a long night or even catch just a few more Z’s. Adrian tends to be a lot more chill. Sometimes he even looks frozen, staring off into space. Meanwhile, Jeremiah is just the squirmy wormy and is always moving! He sometimes can move so much that he kicks his brother and then soon they are “fighting” for space in the pack n play. Often times, I start to hear someone crying, or both of them crying, and find one brother’s hand is in the other’s face and that brother is actually trying to eat that hand! It’s the funniest thing ever. Lately, when I hear crying, I am telling the boys to work it out! And then the sweetest thing happens, they fall asleep next to each other! It’s definitely a double blessing. Having twins is awesome: built-in playmates!


Thanks to Auntie Tiffany and Ate Sophia for the super cute onesies! And the clever captions are compliments of Auntie Aur! 😉


“Nerdy birdy!”


“Suit and tie!”


The boys’ first trip to the park!

It is very true. Going out for walks is not only very nice, but they are a MUST! We went out for a family walk to the park that is really close to our house. Sometimes I am just drained and don’t know how I could possible find the energy to pack up the boys and go for a walk. But once it happens, I am so grateful and so happy! The weather was really nice and we especially need to take advantage before it gets too cold. The boys seem to enjoy it, at least no major crying during the trip, just slight fussing, but overall they did great! It will be so much fun to see the boys grow up with this park. I can see them taking over once they are of age…


Check out four amazing generations! Pictured here are my dad, myself, my Lola (grandmother), and the boys! It was such a blessed moment to see the boys meet their great-grandmother. 


And look! Goodies! My father’s father was Chinese (he passed away when my dad was a teen). Hence the red Chinese envelopes that are given out on special occasions. They are filled with moolah! I’m so excited to start the boys’ first savings account. I remember growing up and getting money/checks for birthdays and Christmas and my mom would deposit all of it into an account for me and I would watch it grow. Slowly, but steadily! 

20131007_124017 20131007_123950

The boys had their two-month wellness checkup (doctor’s visit) today! I would share pictures and stories, but I will just save it all for next time! All I can say for now is, WOW are these boys growing!!! They are caught up in height and weight, even WITHOUT adjusting for their prematurity! It’s hard to believe these boys were so little once. Look how small they used to be! Confirming once more… the days are long, but the years are short. As much hard work as juggling these babes can be, time is FLYING, people!!! Every change I get, it’s so important to stop and soak in every detail of their existence. 

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