Play mat, doctor visit, and sleeping

They’re getting sooo big! Who said anything about being premies?! These boys have caught up nicely and may even be growing too fast for my liking 😦 They’re both cooing, gurgling, laughing, smiling, and (baby) talking like crazy!!! It’s hard not to fall in love with them over and over.

Our new fun thing is brother time on their play mat! The awesome thing about this play mat is that it has gone through three other babies, their cousins!

Thank you, Toddler station on Pandora. Not only does it help me broaden my song repertoire, but it is bringing back a TON of memories of when I listened to songs as a kid and when my mom sang to me!

2013-10-25 09.32.46

Jeremiah (left) and Adrian (right) on the play mat

Adrian had a doctor’s appointment yesterday. Since only one boy had to go out, I took him out all on my own! I’m not gonna lie, I thought it wouldn’t be that bad because it’s only one baby. But it was tough! The boy’s only 12 lbs and I had the help of the Baby Bjorn, but my back was killing me afterward. I should have prepared a smaller diaper bag, but instead I used the usual weekender one and it was super heavy to haul around, especially without a stroller! I also had my first experience changing a baby in the bathroom. Wow. It was such a challenge. I didn’t realize how much goes into it. I had to juggle the baby, the diaper bag, fetching a receiving blanket to cover the changing table, hang the humongous diaper bag on the side of the changing table, hold the baby on the changing table as I reached for wipes and a diaper… but I made it! I was only 10 minutes late to the appointment (whoops).


\Adrian also had blood work afterward. I was reluctant to post a picture of his sad face, but it was just too cute!!! The poor baby had to get pricked several times until they found a good vein 😦 It was so hard seeing him cry. But he was a champ afterward and got a ton of compliments on how cute he was as we walked outta the clinic.

2013-10-25 09.48.13

Adrian was a champ as his blood was being drawn

Sleeping has been a challenge. There have been good things and also some challenging things. Good things: they’re sleeping longer! They can go as long as 4 to 4.5 hours and have gone 5 hours at one point! Another good thing is that our “routine” of keeping the lights low/off and keeping the nights boring by not talking or playing with them has been helping them to know it is night time and time to SLEEP! I was warned that babies often do not know their nights from days when they are first born so you really have to teach them. The challenging things about the nights are that they are addicted to their Rock and Plays, which we’re worried it’ll be hard to wean them off and train them to sleep in their cribs, the are sleeping in the family room still, and they’re still without schedules, which makes it hard to catch some z’s around them waking up at different times and needing to feed.


The boys in their Rock and Plays… in our family room!


One idea I got from my mommy group is to slowly introduce them to their cribs in the nursery. I plan to start having them hang out there and learning it is a “happy place,” then slowly have them nap there, and then hopefully when they are old enough to sleep through the night, they can do so! I didn’t start off too well with my plan, but here’s a look when I did try! Jeremiah fell sleep, but Adrian wouldn’t. I put a friend on the edge of the bed to keep him entertained and he fell asleep, too!


Did I already mention how big these boys are getting?! Talk about chunksters!!!


For the first time in a while, maybe since before I was on bed rest, I cooked! Ok, it was nothing fancy or elaborate, but it was nice being in my kitchen again doing more than heating up frozen goods, washing baby bottles, or preparing milk for the boys!


My very own “pita pizza” special and a simple, yet yummy, salad

Don’t forget to check me out on Instagram for more (and more frequent) pictures of the boys! Wish I could post more often, but theses monkeys keep me busy!

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