My boys and a trip to the grocery store

I really really wanted to get a post up today. As slow as my days are, life is flying by and I want to document the memories. Already it’s been three months since the twins have entered our life. I have less than three more until I return to work…

After waking up from a nap over the past weekend, I found the hubs and boys like this:


Hubs told me, “I’m placing my hands on them like you told me.” Super sweet, especially because he is a great listener. I love my boy so much!


Hubs and Jer Bear choppin’ it up. Jer really really loves to talk. He is so engaged and lights up when someone gives him the time of day. He can practically hold an entire conversation!

Sometime over the weekend, we made it to the grocery store! It is always an accomplishment packing up the boys, the diaper bag, (sometimes my pump), and going out! It really brings normalcy back into our lives. Grocery shopping is the new “going out!”

This aisle in particular was important that we visit… Hubs grabbed THIS for me!


Our cart was full of bad, bad stuff. Soda, chips, top ramen… yes, a whole lot of fatty, sugary CRAP. I really hate our diet right now. My excuse is that we’re just trying to SURVIVE right now!!!


The sweet boys were very good during our trip! (Granted, we made sure they were fed and the trip wasn’t that long.) Jer was actually awake for most of the shopping trip. We were so proud of him for not fussing! Here are the boys with their loveys, which we learned is what those animals-connected-to-mini-blankets are called.








Well, that’s all for now folks! Probably the quickest post I’ve written in a while! Don’t forget to check out my Instagram for more frequent picture updates…

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