My first post from my Smartphone! Here are the boys from yesterday morning. I try to wake them up with some sort of a routine, but every day is different and the boys truly are the ones to schedule themselves. When things work out, they wake up once the sun hits the room and I try to talk and sing to them. It’s super cute seeing them open their eyes and figure out what’s going on. Then I love putting them next to each other and today I even read them a book! If I’m quick enough, I can grab a quick breakfast before they wake up or at least prepare something I can eat while entertaining them. Wish us luck for a smooth sailing day today. Won’t have a helping hand till their Papa gets home. But that’s ok! We’ll manage and may even get some of goals done today: tummy time & trim and file nails – lol. It’s amazing how difficult it is to cut infant nails. I wish there was a baby groomer around town. I would sooo pay for the service:P

Tell me!

What are some of your goals today?

– Me: Have a smooth sailing day with the boys!

What’s your morning routine like?

I'd love to hear from you!

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