The twins at 4 months


Happy 4 Months!

Age: 4 months



Adrian Joseph

Stats: 14.5 lbs, 23.5 inches

Wearing: Bye bye, 0-3 month clothing. AT LEAST 3 month clothing, although might be ready for 3-6 or 6 months; size 1 diapers during the day, size 2 at night

Favorites: Faces, being spoken/sung to, activity mat

Least favorites: tummy time on a completely flat surface (does better on boppy or at an incline), poopy diapers

Signature moves: “ride the horse” on Papa, jumps/kicks legs when about to eat

Mom’s proudest moment: squealing and “talking” really loud

Dad’s proudest moment: becoming more alert and engaged, just as Jer was when he was first starting out

Some other things about Adrian these days:

He tends to have the more “serious” face and likes to talk and sing more when no one is looking, but he will talk and sing if you give him time, Granma (my mom) can get him to talk and squeal really loud, he holds your fingers as you feed him a bottle, grabs his hair with left hand, gnaws on his fists, can be found rotated 90+ degrees in his crib!



Jeremiah Tyler

Stats: 14.7 lbs, 25.5 inches

Wearing: Also no longer fits 0-3 months, but fits 3 months just fine; size 1 diapers during the day, size 2 at night

Favorites: attention from people, being smiled at and sung/spoken to

Least favorites: being hungry or sleepy, of course

Signature moves: smiling when you make eye contact with him

Mom’s proudest moment: holding his head up while being held

Dad’s proudest moment: being even more engaged, talkative, and social than before, especially his facial expressions

Some other things about Jer these days:

Loves smiling and talking back when you smile and talk to him, loves to sing along – Granma (my mom) has been singing songs from The Sound of Music to him, his hands are out to the side or behind his head when being fed bottle, grabs hair with left hand resulting in his latest hair style, really likes to suck his thumb, starting to roll onto side – he made it partly onto the wood from the playmate in our family room!


Time is flying by! I will still say that each day is hard work and can feel like it takes forever to get through, especially during hard times when the babies are crying at the same time or we can’t figure out what they want. But otherwise, it really is amazing how big they are and how much we are just blazing through the weeks and months. It’s so exciting to see them growing so fast, achieving milestones, and being more alert and engaged. What makes me sad is that I only have two months left with them before I return to work! I will breathe each baby in more deeply, hold them more tightly, and enjoy each moment with them more than ever. I know they will never be this small again, so each moment will NOT be taken for granted!

We don’t yet have a schedule yet, but we have a very rough routine. They eat anywhere from 5-7 am and then we play:


Then they go back down for a little bit longer until anywhere from 8-10 (I know, what a range. Hard to predict anything around here!). As long as I am monitoring them, I’ve been putting them on their tummies for naps:


They wake up again and we play for much longer. Play involves anything from singing songs to reading books, brother time or tummy time. It’s a lot of work entertaining two infants! I don’t know what I’ll do when they realize I don’t have much else in my pockets for them!


We celebrated Thanksgiving at my parents’ house. It was the boys’ first time at Granma and Granpa’s! You can tell how happy Granma was:


Me, the boys, and the boys’ Auntie Ninang (my sister):


How cute were they in their Thanksgiving outfits?


Something we’ve noticed in the past few days is that the boys are starting to be mobile! They boys have been sleeping in their cribs for a week or so now (yay!). Here’s Jer rolling onto his side (but he hasn’t yet rolled over):


Here’s Adrian doing an almost 180 in his crib!


Here are the boys this very morning in a “T” (the hubs says, “T” for twins!):


Then moments later, we found them like this! Uh oh, we need to figure out how to contain them pretty soon!


Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Tell me…

What are you looking forward to this December? I’m looking forward to seeing the boys’  experience their first Christmas.

What’s your favorite part about the holidays? My favorite part is spending time with family. 

I'd love to hear from you!

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