We’re rolling over and getting out of the house!

Four-month stats are updated! Their weights were not a surprise, but check out their heights:)

These boys are amazing me every day. Last week, they both rolled onto their backs! I would place them on their bellies for tummy time and literally walked away for a minute only to find them rolled over! Here’s Jer:


And Adrian:


They’re also grabbing things a lot more. Mostly by accident, but it’s really cute.  Adrian on the left grabbing his paci and one of the tubes of my pump haha. And then Jer on the right grabbing his bib and waving it around.


Since we’ve been cooped up in the house so much, I have been itching to brave the challenge I’ve been avoiding and go outside! I scooped up the boys into their carseats and we went for a drive! It took about an hour and a half to get out of the house: fed each boy, made sure they digested, loaded them up, and off we went! Technically, we never left the van. We just went through the Starbucks drive thru:) After I got my drink, I didn’t want to go home just yet, so I went through the McDonald’s drive-thru! I’m not proud of where I went (bleh fast food), but it was simply the point of being up and about with the boys that got me excited. My goal before I return to work in February is to one day take them out in their stroller for a walk… IN PUBLIC! Eek!


This is how Papa found us one afternoon…


So he decided he wanted to join, too!


My morning drink of calamansi. If you’ve never had this fruit before, it’s similar to a lemon. These ones in particular are organic and grown by my very own dad in his backyard! Squeeze two of em into a tall glass, add a bit of sugar (shh), water, and ice and you have a nice refreshing drink packed with vitamin C! I am far, far from where I want to be in my diet of healthy, whole foods, so simple things like this make me happy. Soon I will be back in full swing with getting healthier and cutting out the sugar, fat, salt, and unnecessary ingredients in our lives.



Can’t wait until our Christmas tree is up… Papa Bear is working on it! Crossing my fingers that my next post will include our Christmas decor:) Who doesn’t say this every year, but… I canNOT believe how fast time has flown! It’s almost Christmas and the end of 2013. Ah, 2013. The most exciting, amazing year yet in our journey together. I am slowly stressing thinking about the gift buying and wrapping, visitors, dealing with the boys’ and their sleep/crib training, but in the end, I can only make time for the most important things. In order to do that, I have to get rid of the excess and focus on family, friends, and making memories.

One thought on “We’re rolling over and getting out of the house!

  1. So cool that you have a blog to keep everyone updated with the twins.

    With getting healthier and cutting out sugar, you should try juicing. I have a juicer and use it from time to time (not as much as I would like) but I use apples to sweeten everything. It’s super healthy for you and tastes really good.


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