We’d hold them forever if we could…

Our sweet boys…

Adrian and Mama…

Jeremiah and Mama…

One of the best feelings in the world, your child falling asleep on you. To top it off, their little hands on my chest and holding my shirt make me melt. Their warmth is all we need.

Adrian and Papa…

Jeremiah and Papa…

Here are some highlights of our fun-filled and exhausting day yesterday:

The day started off with Adrian’s doctor appointment for his heart. Our baby boy has a condition where he’ll need to be monitored, but so far, he’s passed each evaluation with flying colors! He continues to be the champ we know he is. Brother Jeremiah tagged along for support:) Here they are in the waiting room!


After the appointment, the boys were sleeping and Mama and Papa wanted to get some boba and food! We went to Lollicup to get our drinks and tocino (sweet flavored pork) & fried shrimp. Yum! You know how much I love my boba


After that, the boys visited their great-grandma! This is Jing’s Lola (grandma) in his mom’s side. She is in a nursing home and we try to visit as much as we can. It’s been an extra long while since our last visit, however, since I was on bed rest during the pregnancy and we weren’t ready to bring the boys just yet. But we were so happy to finally bring them. Lola did so well with them! She held onto them to keep them from falling off the bed. She talked to them and smiled with them. It was a great moment.


It was amazing how much attention the boys received at the nursing home. At a few different times, there was a small crowd surrounding us! Not only did the nursing staff and patients want to see the boys, they were drawn by their cute hats!

The boys have now met 2 of their 3 great-grandmas. Their third is in the Philippines… hopefully one day we can make the visit there!

The daycare search continues… we interviewed two more potential places. One was a big fat NO. That’s the end of that. The other place was very nice – great home and wonderful provider. The only downfall is the location of her daycare. There are two more daycares I still want to check out, and then hopefully we have seen enough to make this very big decision of ours! Keep crossing your fingers for us…

These pictures aren’t from yesterday, but I have to share! It’s so hard to get em smiling at the same time, so here’s one boy at a time;)



Happy Friday!

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