It’s (not yet) beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It seems as if Christmas is shoved in our faces earlier and earlier each year. I think at the beginning of October is when I first heard of Christmas music and decorations striking the retail stores. We complain that we want to deal with one holiday at a time, but then a whirlwind hits us immediately after Halloween. We’re eating turkey, Black Friday shopping, and then here we are, rushing and stressing to finalize (or even start) our Christmas shopping, gift-wrapping, and decorating! Well, ever since I told myself to do less and just enjoy being a new mama, I decided to just focus on gift giving for the kids in our lives, decorate whenever the chance arrives (even if it’s on Christmas eve), and not stress about it! Ok, I’m not gonna lie. I’m TOTALLY stressing about it. But instead of allowing my stress to consume me, I just take a deep breath and remember “the reason for the season.”

We have been OVERLY blessed this past year with our two beautiful baby boys, our health, our jobs, our home, our family and friends… the list goes on! And the most amazing thing is that those things are not really “things” at all. It’s not about the material things, it’s about the true aspects and parts of our lives that make life amazing.

To add SOME kind of cheer to our days, we did buy the cutest santa hats for the boys! The boys have been sporting them every where we go, from friends’ houses, to the grocery store, to the doctor’s office! Also, I bump up the holiday Pandora stations (N*Sync and Mariah Carey are my favorite!) whenever I remember.

They boys had another round of vaccine shots the other day… It’s always heartbreaking hearing them cry… But luckily the crying didn’t last too long and Granma and Auntie Ninang were around to help me soothe them!


Speaking of getting into the Christmas spirit, I don’t know HOW I managed to do it, but I made Christmas cake pops for the hubs to bring to work! It was fun as always, but I must say it isn’t my best work. Sometime soon I’ll get back into cake pop making and baking! Considering my current situation, I think they turned out pretty well! (Note how things have changed: Yes, that is infant formula and medicine in the background and charts on the bottom… *sigh*)



Crib training is going well! The boys are going anywhere from 6-9 hours during the night without a feeding! I can’t say they are sleeping THROUGH the night. But I’m so happy the middle of the night feed has dropped and the most I have to do is go into their room to pacify or soothe a few times. On a good night, Adrian won’t need ANY pacifying (but he sure knows where his thumb is and finds it and sucks away) and Jeremiah will need to be pacified just twice. The most funniest thing (although it needs to be fixed soon) is that Adrian wakes himself up because he make donuts in his crib and ends up like this!!!


He wakes up crying because his leg is stuck and I have to go in and get him out of there. We were told not to use bumpers because of SIDS, but we’re looking into at least mesh bumpers because it is hilariously ridiculous that this can happen multiple times a night.

Once an early morning feed takes place around 6/7 am, I either put each baby back to sleep for a small nap so I can grab breakfast, or we play! Here are my silly boys one morning. This picture makes me think of how much we are so so so looking forward to watching them grow up together and do so many fun things with them.



Then I’ll try to get a tummy time session in… how cute are they? Theyr’e actually doing better each and every day! Earlier, they would barely last a few seconds before screaming and getting frustrated, but now they actually last a couple of minutes and even start to babble and squeal!


Then (fingers crossed), if they hadn’t napped already yet, they’ll nap afterward for me. It’s a mad scramble after that for me to get my breakfast, cup o’ joe, and pump.



We interviewed yet another place last night… Oh man! Decisions, decisions. The place was so clean and beautiful and the couple who owns the business were similar to the hubs and myself: young, friendly, sociable, same interests (can you believe this family has five, yes FIVE televisions in the family room)… but the biggest aspect holding us back is the price. You really do get what you pay for. We’re super bummed how much cost is a big deal, but there’s no denying it. Luckily, our second choice is VERY GOOD in curriculum and philosophy. It’s a few minutes further as a commute, but we would feel comfortable with our boys going there. The next few days are going to be hard making this decision and I just pray that no matter what, our boys will be SAFE, LOVED, AND TAKEN GOOD CARE OF!!!



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