The twins at 5 months


Adrian and Jeremiah at 5 months

Age: 5 months



Adrian Joseph



Jeremiah Tyler


Adrian is 15.6 lbs and Jeremiah is 15.8 lbs! They are wearing size 1 and 2 diapers (1’s during the day and 2’s at night) and 6 month clothing!

I dropped my usual format with the monthly posts… I think it’s easier to just write off the top of my head! 🙂

Fun facts about the boys these days:

  • Love eating their hands
  • Rolling side to side
  • We find them in all kinds of different areas and directions in their cribs
  • Sleeping through the night! Yay! Adrian sleeps like a log, bless his heart. Jer has had a rougher time, but he is getting it!
  • Grabbing toys put in front of them and trying to put them in their mouths (I put my hand in front of Jer’s face and he grabs my fingers!)
  • Both developing very similarly in terms of milestones. Jer a little faster, but Adrian is right behind
  • Holding heads up a lot better. Still wobbly though!
  • Distinct sounds: crying – we are better at distinguishing a “fake” or attention cry versus a real cry
  • Babbling is not only louder and more frequent, but it is insanely adorable! (My personal favorite is when the boys are crying and babbling. It’s as if they are complaining about life and want you to feel their pain!)
  • Blowing raspberries
  • Enjoying baths a little more, although sometimes they are just ready for bed already and start crying like crazy
  • Looking at their hands – they are SO intrigued!
  • Starting to place their hands on their bottles or at least hold your finger as you hold their bottle


Memorable moments:

Jer cried BADLY one night. He was inconsolable by our family members who were at the house helping watch the boys. We realized it was bedtime for the boys and had a feeling Jer was getting used to his Papa putting him down for bed. The minute the hubs took Jer, he was calmed down and was able to get put in bed. It was a sure sign that Jer knows bedtime routine = Papa Bear. Hubs was so proud and happy!

Jer flipped onto his belly during the night! It only happened once, but I was half freaking out, half excited when I saw it on the baby monitor!

Adrian is such a champ in general for sleeping through the night and staying either asleep or at least calm as his brother wakes up screaming.


Some happenings lately… I have SO many more pictures to add, but here are a few for now!

Sans rival (Filipino cake) to celebrate their 5th month!


The boys got Sophia teethers for Christmas! Here’s Adrian:


And Jeremiah:


Brother time is always the best:)


Soaking EVERY.SINGLE.MOMENT I can with these two. I return to work in three weeks!!! Adrian:




We watched Disney’s Frozen at the Folsom Palladio with my sister. It was awesome! Loved that Idina Menzel was in it. Hubs and I are BIG fans of Wicked and I’ve always loved R.E.N.T.



I’m so happy that we are able to go out every so often and enjoy time away from the boys. We miss them DEARLY, but mommy/daddy time is very much needed to keep the love burning!

Going to hit publish on this post even though I am missing so many updates. The boys’ baptism, Christmas, visit from their Lola and Lolo… Thanks for reading!

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