More on mommy-hood

More on boosting that mommy confidence! Even if you are not a mom or parent, you may have little ones in your life or friends who are parents. Hopefully some of these reads will enlighten any ideas or even myths you have about parenthood!

First off, I need to say something! If you know me well, you know what a perfectionist-Type A-OCD person I am. I am that person who will rewrite her to-do list after a few things have been crossed off, make sure the papers are perfectly lined up before stapling them, adjust the placemats on the table so that they line up correctly, toss a piece of paper just to redo a line graph that was not exactly straight. You get the point. But now that I don’t have as much time on my hands, I have to start letting things go. I can’t keep waiting until something is perfect when it is already pretty good, or even great, as is. Therefore, I am just throwing out these additional articles and blog posts below even though I really envisioned a perfect post that I could explain my every thought and organize them by category and even add a few pictures of my own. Ehh, stop talking now, Sharisse.

Here I go (again) trying to just be concise and move on with my life! Here is, instead, an ongoing compilation of things that have boosted my mommy confidence:

#10) Stop the Mommy Wars

#11) Hey. Hi. I want off your parenting team.

[WARNING: This post contains quite a bit of profanity and if you know anything about me, you’ll know that is not very “me.” But don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed reading this one!]

#12) Why My Wife’s Job is Harder Than Mine

See my previous post with articles 1-9 HERE!

And if you’re feeling like reading a little (or a LOT) more, I wrote a cheesy piece on my own personal experiences of being a mom HERE🙂

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