My last week at home before returning to work full-time

I was reading this post on preparing to start daycare, and once I got to this part, the flood gates opened

I spent my first day back at work after maternity leave greeting everyone and getting caught up and feeling excited about being back. I spent my second day crying behind closed doors. Being a working parent is hard. You’ll miss your baby and feel guilty about being away sometimes. You won’t miss your baby and you’ll feel guilty about that sometimes. You’ll love daycare, be jealous of daycare, be annoyed with daycare, be incredibly grateful for daycare. You might feel all of this in a single day. Just feel it all, know that all working parents go through it and treat yourself kindly.

This week is my last before I return to work.

I’ve gotta say it, TIME REALLY DOES FLY!

But of course, it flies when you’re having fun and I can happily look back at the past six months and say that (despite the challenges, sleepless nights, blood, sweat, & tears) that it’s been fun! Seeing them go from tiny little newborns to the growing infants they are now is amazing. Seriously, who came up with that “Days are long, but the years are short” stuff?!?! It’s so true, it’s heartbreaking.

Some updates with as few words as possible (I’ll try, at least)…

HANDS. They’re ALL about the hands! We can’t compete! Adrian even admires his hands while bottle feeding. I mean, c’mon, man. It’s not going anywhere!;)


Jer is not as much into his hands, but he definitely knows they are there:


Why not put my Snoogle to good use, even if I’m not pregnant anymore?



They agree:)

Sometimes it’s either one or the other smiling. (Or it’s usually Jer.)

20140122_170947 20140122_170951

Group selfie!!! (I just made that term up. Is there already such a thing?)


Did you see them in this pose back then?

They are now flipping onto their bellies in their cribs at night! Freaked me out the first time I saw the monitor. It’s all great because they seem to sleep well this way, but if so much as a leg is stuck in the bumper, you’ll be sure to hear screams you’ve never heard before.

SLEEPING UPDATE: They are most definitely sleeping through the night! Happy parents over here. However, Mr. Jer Bear tends to wake up a few times every so often, but Adrian still manages to sleep through his brother’s shrieks and crying (thank goodness). Otherwise, we have been practicing putting them in bed around 9 pm and then they wake up around 6/7 am. We’ll have to move that earlier REAL SOON once I start work full time next week (AHH!).

Jer on the monitor:


Adrian on the monitor:20140123_052749

Trying to savor every single second I have with these angels… There’s something absolutely calming, inspiring, peaceful, and just magical about watching a baby sleep. I could do it forever if I could…20140123_102153 20140123_102229

Gonna miss these days with my boys!!! But with time, I know they’ll be that more mobile and active and ready to take on new adventures on the weekends we’ll have together!



Things you may have missed…

The boys got baptized recently! Here’s a post on their baptism!

Did you also catch their adorable 5- month photoshoot? Click here to check it out now!

Daycare update is next on my list… Stay tuned!

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