JT’s first tooth!


Jer got his first tooth! We discovered it yesterday, Feb. 6th. I put together the collage above bc I realized how I will soon miss his toothless grin. (By the way, the picture of Jer eating my arm was part of the many indications he was teething. He would lick or try to bite anything and everything that came into contact with his mouth!) Jer smiles so much and is so sweet and cute. Loving him and his brother way too much. Speaking of brother, his first tooth should be breaking any minute now…


Oh what fun the year of “firsts” is. I wish I could write more, but I’m back to work full-time and can only manage a blurb right now. Can’t wait to share more… I still need to share the boys’ 6 month update, our experiences with daycare, and my return to work! Until then, have a happy weekend:)

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