The twins at 6 months

AJ & JT @ 6 months

AJ & JT @ 6 months

The twins @ 6 months

We’re halfway around the sun!!! (Thanks for that phrase, Aur) ūüėČ It’s been 6 months since our babies were born. We’ve made it this far and couldn’t be happier. It’s been TOUGH! But with the most amazing husband, a wonderful village, and help from my fellow mommies, there really is nothing we can’t handle. And after we experienced planning for the boys first “big event” (their baptism), I feel ready to start planning for their first birthday! Yes, I know. It’s 6 months from now. But if the next 6 months fly by as fast as these last 6 months, then I am already behind in planning!

The boys are sick right now:( I am home from work to take care of them, hence the chance to write this post! See my quick work and daycare updates below!


Adrian @ 6 months

Adrian @ 6 months

Adrian Joseph

Stats: 16.4 lbs, 26.4 inches

  • Adrian is breaking his first tooth! Hasn’t quite made it’s debut, but we can feel it.
  • Still sleeping through the night like a champ! Although the past few days have been rough since he is teething and sick.
  • Doing well at daycare. We get reports that he is eating more and more. He seems to be calm and happy when I pick him up, so that makes me calm and happy.
  • Still into his hand! He will stare at it, move it, wave it, bite it, and talk to it


Jeremiah @ 6 months

Jeremiah @ 6 months

Jeremiah Tyler

Stats: 16.4 lbs, 27.4 inches

  • Jer got his first tooth! He had been fussier than usual in the days prior.
  • He is so silly and playful. It is easy to make him smile and laugh. His toothless grin and giggles are the most contagious thing ever.
  • He’s been waking up PLENTY of times during the night ūüė¶ Hopefully it is just a phase from his cold and teething.
  • Starting to look at his hands, too. Very much into toys and grabs them within reach.
Some random happenings in the past month…
The boys are definitely getting fussier and needy/clingy. Part of it can be due to teething, but we think they are just starting to be spoiled! Oh no! Here was Adrian at a friend’s house. He was inconsolable.
Then check him out once we returned home:
New wheels!!! We bought a new double stroller because it was recommended by the boys’ physical therapist. The carseats are too constricting and does not allow the boys the freedom to move their heads left to right very much. We took the stroller for its first spin at the mall… the boys had fun! They stayed awake almost the entire time and were constantly staring at the things around them.
Oh the wonderful moments I come across with these two. I left the boys to go get breakfast one morning and found Jer with his feet up in his brother’s face. Let’s see if these kinds of things will predict their future personalities!
One thing I’ll miss about staying at home (other than the boys, of course), is my mornings! I didn’t have time to prepare a full on breakfast, but this was the best I could do. Coffee, water, eggo waffles with butter & syrup, and some combination of sausage and bacon. I’m not proud of it, I could have done better, but it was yummy!
My lunches sometimes looked like this: frozen foods (again, not proud), baby occupied with his play center, TV on, and pumping!
Work update…
After having enjoyed these past months with the boys, it was time to return to work!
I was so blessed to have been able to stay at home for not only the first 6 months of the boys’ lives, but an extra three months due to bed rest. Granted, the actual bed rest was not fun, but it was so fortunate that my job was protected and I was able to get off my feet at such a critical time during the pregnancy. I started work last week. It’s been going very well! Surprisingly and luckily, I didn’t cry at all and I actually (guiltily) enjoyed the break from my last 9 months at home. It was great seeing my co-workers again, having adult conversations, dressing up in the morning, and even listening to the radio on my commute there!
A big reason why things went well is because we had the boys go to daycare for a few hours a day during the last three days I had at home (Wed-Fri). This helped transition the babies into a new setting, learn more about the needs of daycare and our needs as well, the logistics of packing up supplies and scheduling the drop off in order to get to work on time, and, most importantly, mentally and emotionally prepare! I was so torn between not wanting someone other than myself to take care of my babies for such a long time (practically 11 hours a day during the week) and also wanting to return to my career. But I had to look at the positives: I was grateful for an amazing 6 months with the boys when not every parent can stay home that long, I actually had a job to return to and it is one I really enjoy, and the boys would get exposure to other kids and they’d be taken care of by providers who a professionals at caring for babies and can give them more attention than I could. I’ve only been at work a few days, but already I can understand how things do get easier as time goes by and it is such a great feeling coming home to my babies and spending the entire weekend with them.
Daycare update…
Daycare itself is going well. I reflect on my feelings about daycare and realize now that I was just a hot mess coming to terms with someone else watching the boys and me having to be away from them for so long. But they are doing well and we are getting good reports from their provider. I made such a big deal out of their first day, even though they were in daycare for only 3.5 hours!
Daycare Day 1:
Daycare Day 2:20140130_115458
Things were going so well, I don’t think I took a picture on Day 3! ūüôā
It’s so amazing arriving home to these monkeys…
IMG_9612 IMG_9644 IMG_9636
Thanks for reading!:) See more monthly updates HERE!

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