The twins at 7 months | Sleep training, eating solids, and helmets!

AJ & JT @ 7 months

AJ & JT @ 7 months

The twins @ 7 months

Another month gone by! It’s amazing how we got here. We’re so happy and blessed, but can’t say we’re not exhausted and stressed! We’re grateful that the boys continue to grow healthy and happy. They’re so big! And they’re really showing major differences in personality. Adrian is really the mellow one who can self-soothe and remain calm until he absolutely needs something. Jer, on the other hand, has been extremely clingy and fussy, always whining! He is definitely still very playful, but he seems to always need someone there. We feel guilty when we are trying to get stuff done around the house and cannot just sit there and play all day, but then we have to really drop everything just to give them all our attention because the boys are our priority!

Sometimes when I get really stressed because I’m trying to do something, I ask myself if what I’m doing will really matter in 5-10 years from now. No, it will not matter  that the sink was always empty or that the floors were always swept or that I returned every e-mail. But what will matter is the time we spent showing our boys how much they are loved and giving them our all in raising them to be good people. It will matter how we spent the few precious hours we now have each day with them because one day, they will barely be around as teenagers and adults and we’ll miss how much they needed us during this time of their lives. 


Adrian @ 7 months

Adrian @ 7 months

Adrian Joseph

Stats: not sure, but at LEAST more than 17 lbs!

  • The mellow one! He can self-soothe, which helps a whole lot (thumb-sucker)
  • He has this cute thing where he laughs if you nudge him or touch a part of him, even if he’s not making eye contact with you. It’s as if he knows you’re there and he grins because he knows you’re trying to get a laugh out of him. Then I’ll call his name and he’ll look right at me with a big smile! Oh, the smiles and laughs are the best.
  • He got a boo boo on his head from his new helmet (which I’ll talk about in another post). We hope it doesn’t scar!
  • He is eating so well! He opens his mouth when a spoonful of baby food gets near. Love it! But with food comes great poops. Yikes.


JT @ 7 months

JT @ 7 months

Jeremiah Tyler

Stats: not sure yet, but at least 17 lbs!

  • This boy has been super fussy and clingy lately! It’s as if nothing will make him happy sometimes! He’ll even continue to fuss and whine when he is being held! Some answers have been that he is just super hungry (at 10 oz within an hour!) or he is tired.
  • He likes to stand and keep his knees locked so it looks like he’s “standing” well as he is being held. Both boys actually like to stand and bounce and especially play with the floor mobile because it is at their height.
  • Jer is not eating as well as Adrian, but he is getting better
  • He is a pterodactyl/zombie. All in one breath, he can screech at a super high pitch and then have a raspy zombie voice. It’s the cutest creepy thing.
  • Sleeping BETTER, but for some odd reason, he’s been waking up at exactly 2:30-2:45 am the past few days! He’ll just start babbling or even begin to cry, but will stop within a few minutes.
Sleep training & the morning rush
We followed the Ferber method for sleep training and began last week (I cheated and read THIS blog post to familiarize myself with the concept). It has been going pretty well! We put the boys down for bed between 7:45 and 8 pm and they wake up at 5 am, but luckily we don’t need to go into their room until almost 6 am. They’ll just talk and babble for the hour they first wake up, which is nice because it gives me time to pump and get ready for work and prepare things needed for day care. Even though we do a lot of prep at night, there are still things to gather in the morning. It’s such a rush! I feel like I’m in a marathon, constantly moving and trying to make use of every minute I have. I never understood why my co-workers who are parents felt like work is their “break,” but now I get it. It’s a place away from the chaos and madness from home, even though you love your children so much, it gets overwhelming and you do need time away!
Eating solids
The boys are eating a variety of foods, although they’re not on any set schedule. They’ve tried peas, green beans, squash, sweet potato, prunes, pears, apples, and bananas! It’s all Gerber so far. I tried once to make sweet potato from scratch, but never completed the recipe even though it’s way too easy. I also tried feeding them banana straight from the source, but they weren’t too fond of it. I read that it can take up to 10 tries of a certain food for them to like it, so I just need to continue offering the foods and hopefully with their changing taste buds and getting used to things, they’ll soon enjoy it! It’s also helpful that daycare is helping us feed the boys, so they have more practice there.
Baby riders in training!
We got the boys helmets to practice wearing snowboarding gear so that they will be pros by the time we bring them to Tahoe next season…
wpid-20140301_083647.jpg wpid-20140222_161031_3_bestshot.jpg
Ok, ok, I’ll talk about the helmets in another post and explain =)
I really wish I had all the time in the world to blog… I have so much I want to write about! Not gonna lie, 90% of it is all baby. But what can you expect when my life is all baby right now! But at least I get to update when I can and I’m happy that this blog will serve as an online keepsake of my life during this time and (hopefully) the boys will be able to see what their lives were like as babies:)
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