Our first family outing!


First family outing: Daffodil Hill

We had our first family outing! This was the first trip we took, just the four of us, to a place that was out of town and not a doctor’s appointment. It was a lot of work getting out of the house. Packing up enough food, diapers, changes of clothes, blankets, emergency items, and the babies themselves is quite a task. We are just glad that each time we get out there with the twins, we are getting good practice for bigger and better things.

We went to Daffodil Hill, which is in Amador County. The drive was beautiful – some parts were full of country flatlands, others had tons of livestock (we saw goats, cows, horses), and some others were very windy (that’s “windy” as in winding, not full of blowing wind :P). The place itself was quaint and pleasant. We did some “research”on Yelp beforehand to prepare for the trip. It was smaller than we thought. I guess we had a Sound of Music “The hills hills are alive” expectation. But even though it wasn’t that big, we’re so glad we were able to visit and witness the flowers. Apparently, the place is only open a few weeks a year and we’ve missed opportunities to go before. Last year when we tried to go, we found out they had just closed the day before! Since we were already on the road and determined to go out, we went HERE instead!

The boys were so cute. They were talkative and Adrian especially was very loud! We wore them for part of our time there and then at some point laid out a blanket to sit on. We got a few people asking about the boys’ helmets, asking if they are twins, and telling us how cute they were. Not gonna lie, I love the attention! That is, as long as it’s nice, considerate, and within boundaries! Some guy actually walked straight up to us and touched one of the boys’ helmet as he was asking about it! I am not the confrontational type, but I am ready to defend my babies if it came down to it!

Here are some fun photos of our trip, followed by a short video. It was fun recording the clip… I’m thinking of sharing more videos on the blog! Hope you enjoy them:)


Gorgeous flowers in bloom!


Papa & Jer Bear


Mama & Adrian Boy

These pictures are the cutest. I melt.


wpid-20140322_131338.jpgAdrian: wpid-20140322_131311.jpg


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