The boys’ first Easter and more boba, please!

Boba Fridays!!! Our new thing. It’s not our fault – Jer Bear keeps requesting it.


It’s so cool now that they can sit on their own. wpid-photogrid_1397614662416.jpg Jer Bear focused on his boba drink. See, told you it was all him.


When they’re not slurping on their boba (you do know I’m kidding about the boba, right?), the boys are holding their own bottles of milk. As of the past week, boys are 100% on formula! (Sad face) It’s bittersweet – I am enjoying more time and less stress, but I will always wish I could have continued providing them with “the good stuff” a little longer. Still haven’t written my post on breastfeeding/pumping… hoping I can do that soon.wpid-20140419_090412.jpg

You learn a lot when you become a parent. You learn that as much as you have hopes, dreams, and aspirations for your child, sometimes you have to deal with the opposite. I had read somewhere that it would be ideal to not let babies watch TV until they are 2 years old. Yeah, that worked only a few weeks. Now it’s a convenient distraction when we need them to be preoccupied for a bit. Oh well, it’s not like we leave them there unattended or for hours on end. wpid-20140419_091217.jpg

Ever wonder what it’s like to have twins? What about quads?!wpid-img_20140420_061059.jpg

Celebrated the boys’ first Easter! No bunnies here, but they did go to church for the first time in a while.


AJ and JT looked so handsome in their awesome shirts. Thank you, Ninong Joe & Ninang Christine!!!

The boys did AMAZING in church. They didn’t fuss much. JT was super restless though! He would not stay still. I was afraid my dad (who was holding him) was about to switch babies with my mom. AJ was totally chill the entire time, except for a very brief moment when began to babble while it was super quiet! It was so cute, I’m sure no one minded.

Family picture! We have to remember to take more of these. It’s always just the boys or the boys with one parent or the other.wpid-20140420_104211.jpg


Always nice to see familiar faces. By the way, this is my old church. I basically grew up here! It will always have a special place in my heart. I have been a lector (the person who reads from the podium), an altar server (ok, only once), a Sunday school teacher, a Sunday school coordinator, a Youth Group leader, and a Young Adults leader. Yes, I have invested a lot of myself here! wpid-20140420_103150.jpg

I thought it would be nice to share how our mini photo sessions go sometimes. It shows you that candid pictures really are the best, not only because they capture emotion and moments really well, but because posing for pictures takes too long sometimes!

My favorites:


Love Jer’s little face here:wpid-20140420_104439.jpg

Love Adrian in action here:wpid-20140420_104449.jpg

Hope you had a wonderful Easter celebration and that the sun is shining brighter and brighter wherever you are!


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