The twins at 9 months

The twins at 9 months

AJ & JT at 9 months

The twins @ 9 months

We’re three-fourths of the way to a full year. These monkeys are growing fast, they’re so happy and lovable, and they surprise us each day. Here are some of the things you can find them doing these days:

  • Sitting for longer periods of time (and face-planting or falling sideways for shorter periods of time)
  • Laughing at each other
  • Playing with (or, rather, stealing toys from) each other
  • Crying or whining when we leave the room. Read: Separation anxiety!!!
  • Pooping all day, every day
  • Sleeping from about 7:30 pm until 5 am. On a good day, they’ll go down at 7 pm, wake up around 5 am, and babble or play in their cribs until their first feeding at 5:45 am.
  • Enjoying day care – they are smiling when we drop them off and smiling when we return in the afternoon
  • Playing with toys more intentionally. Favorites: Sophie the Giraffe, the connecting rings, Hippo with shapes, crinkly cloth books, anything that makes noises, crawl-with-me ball
  • Gnawing on everything they can: toys, bibs, their own fingers and arms, and sometimes your shoulder or clothing
  • Yelling, babbling, talking, making noises – it’s getting louder and louder in our house!
  • Four teeth! The boys’ top two teeth came in this month.
  • Very distinct personalities. More about this below.


Adrian @ 9 months

Adrian @ 9 months

Adrian Joseph

Stats: Nine-month check up is next week! I’ll update stats once we get em. Our best guess is the boys are at least 20 lbs each!

Adrian. Oh, sweet, mellow, laid-back Adrian. This boy takes a lot to please! He often looks like he is deep in thought, analyzing the world around him, making a judgment as to whether or not he should engage in the person/item in front of him, or contemplating his next move. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a crack of a smile out of him, or he’ll give you a quick smirk and then turn away bashfully so you no longer can see his face. But this angelic face must not be mistaken for calm and quietness. No, this little tyke can easily scream his head off when he needs your attention or yell and babble so loudly that you can’t think too clearly. He certainly makes his presence known. I especially like watching him talk (he has a very strong “D” sound and sometimes sounds like a string of da-da-da or di-di-di). He babbles in his carseat while playing with Sophie the Giraffe. He especially likes to be in his jumper and can get some serious air time. The boy has hops! Mommy and Daddy are very proud.


Jeremiah @ 9 months

Jeremiah @ 9 months

Jeremiah Tyler

Stats: (TBU)

Jeremiah. Oh, silly, crazy, hilarious Jeremiah. This boy cracks us up!!! If he isn’t hogging the spotlight and trying to be the center of attention, he is being goofy, loud, and comical. He can be very manipulative. He’ll cry and fuss and even SHRIEK like he’s being tortured, only to laugh and smile once he’s picked up. It’s as if the boy always has something up his sleeve. His little grin tugs at my heart strings. No more is my innocent little boy with the toothless grin. This little rascal is a big boy now, with four teeth total and he can give a big smile as if he’s posing for a class picture. But really though, he is quite a handful and often makes me feel like my head will explode! I just still can’t get over all of the crying, even after all these months. I’m certainly getting better at it as I no longer rush to prepare bottles or run to their side at the onset of a cry. But the crying still makes my heart ache and it’s even worse when they’re both hysterical. It is just frustrating because we are 100% sure they have entered the separation anxiety and stranger danger phase. So it’s difficult to let them cry it out sometimes, but we want them to learn that we will not necessarily rush to their side all the time. We make sure they see us so that they do not feel abandoned. But the important thing is to get to them on our terms so they understand that we’re there for them even if they don’t like it.

And that’s all I have for this update. I have a ton more to say, but just don’t have the time to write it all down sometimes.
If you haven’t read about our recent trip to Las Vegas, go do it now! Otherwise, I will write more next time.
Oh yeah, I’ve updated my Baby Story page. It actually reads like a story now:)

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