Daycare Update & “5 Ways Daycare is Supposedly Ruining My Kids”

In the beginning of our daycare search, I was filled with guilt. Guilt for not being able to stay at home with my babies, having to leave them in someone else’s hands, potentially missing out on milestones they hit, and overall just not being around for a majority of the days during the week. The anticipation of returning to work haunted me and I struggled with letting go. As a first-time parent, this was such a big deal for me and even though I received a lot of reassurance, it was way easier said than done.


The boys sportin’ their super cool Wizards jerseys, their Dad’s 1a team

The boys have been in daycare for over three months now and they are doing awesome. When we drop them off, they are full of smiles and when we pick them up, they have even bigger smiles. We get good reports from their daycare provider. So far – knock on wood – they’ve really only gotten sick once and other times have just had a short run of sniffles or allergies.


This is a frame my babies “made” me for Mother’s Day. I was teary-eyed because I was so happy and thankful their daycare provider is so sweet and thoughtful. Now my bare cubicle is so much more warm and fuzzy:


With great timing, I came across this blog post from Ask Your Dad Blog: “5 Ways Daycare is Supposedly Ruining My Kids.” I couldn’t have laughed or cried harder. If you check out this post, you’ll understand how difficult it can be for first-time parents when faced with criticism and imposition from varying directions. I’m glad I found this article for not only a good laugh, but a reminder that the boys will be just fine.

4 thoughts on “Daycare Update & “5 Ways Daycare is Supposedly Ruining My Kids”

  1. I remember feeling the same way when looking for daycare for my first. All 4 of my boys spent the first few years of their lives with the same daycare provider. Today, they are pretty smart, independent boys. I attribute a lot of that to them spending time in the quality daycare setting we had. They learned so much there and were so well loved. They’ll probaby tell you all the things I’ve done wrong as a mom, but I’m pretty certain sending them to daycare wouldn’t be one of them 🙂


    • So happy to hear about your experience with daycare! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Learning a lot and being loved and cared for are probably the most important aspects of the whole arrangement. I used to dread bringing the boys to someone who would only babysit and not go above and beyond to teach them and nurture them.


    • Thanks for reading and I’m glad you liked it. The follow up piece on being a stay-at-home-dad was an awesome read, too! I appreciate and admire your writing style. It’s honest, hilarious, and helpful. I am a fan 🙂


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