The twins at 10 months

AJ & JT @ 10 months

AJ & JT @ 10 months

The twins @ 10 months

Things they’re doing now:

  • Sitting on their own
  • Rolling and scooting
  • Eating more
  • Babbling more

Things they’re loving right now:

  • Mama’s cookin! I’m ECSTATIC that they love the purees I make. The recent favorite is a mash up of squash, sweet potato, and apples.
  • Anything new, shiny, noisy, or different. They will break their necks to turn toward a sound. They’ll reach over anything in their way to grab something. They’ll lean over and almost out of your lap/arms just to touch something.
  • Being silly, goofy, or funny. We can just laugh or make funny noises or talk in different pitches to the boys and they adore it. They can laugh so hard that they SNORT. Sometimes they don’t even laugh and go straight to snorting.
  • Their around-we-go activity station and bouncer. I was worried at first that the boys weren’t interested. Then I was worried they’d be bored. Now I think they can’t get enough sometimes.
  • Standing. They love when they’re on their feet. It’s almost like a switch in their bodies that turns them from whining, unhappy babies to happy, excited ones. It’s really cute that they bend their legs in the jumping motion very well and their legs are getting stronger.



Adrian @ 10 months

Adrian Joseph

I weigh 18.3 lbs.

I am 2’4″ tall.

I have 5 teeth.

Adrian continues to have such an adorable, serious look on his face. It’s still hard to get him to smile because he can stare at something or someone like crazy before cracking the smallest of smiles. But he will snort like crazy if you do get him entertained! He’s not crawling yet, but is doing push ups very well and getting higher. He is often found in his crib doing push ups first thing in the morning. He scoots backwards when he is in the crawling position and can cover quite some distance that way. He has a cute gesture he does when he wines when I walk away – while he’s sitting down, he’ll tilt his head backward and lean his body forward and start whining/crying. It’s the cutest thing, but of course I feel terrible anytime he or his brother are not happy. He is doing the clapping motion better and better, but hasn’t yet done it on command. I’ll catch him clapping his hands really well on his own, but then he stops once he knows I’m watching!



Jeremiah @ 10 months

Jeremiah Tyler

I weigh 18.6 lbs.

I am 2’5″ tall.

I have 6 teeth.

Jeremiah is full of energy. This guy continues to scream at pitches we are not quite sure how he reaches. He has an infectious laugh/snort. He gets really excited and happy when given a lot of attention and when being played with. He is rolling faster onto his belly and back onto his back. No crawling yet, but definitely can get around through a combination of rolling and scooting. Even though his stats read otherwise, we feel like he is on the skinny side. He seems to be lighter and leaner than Adrian, but I guess looks can be deceiving! He’s still our Binky Boy as he not only loves his binky any time of day, but he absolutely needs it to go to sleep. Fine by us. So long as it save us our sanity and gets him his much needed rest, Binky Boy he may remain. For now.

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 New page in the house! I started a new page called Homemade Baby Food. The idea is that I am so excited to really get into making the boys food from scratch and I want to document my progress in one spot. I plan to share the recipes I try, the aftermath and how the boys enjoyed it, and the price I paid for the items so that I can always find the best deals when shopping! Food can be expensive if you don’t prepare right and I certainly hate when I have to toss produce that’s gone bad. Hopefully this new page will not only keep me accountable, but inspire me to keep cooking and preparing the boys healthy, nutritious, delicious food! Stay tuned!

Sneak peak at some things I’ve tried already:

wpid-photogrid_1401980482611.jpg wpid-photogrid_1402002175446.jpg wpid-photogrid_1401981725347.jpg

I’m excited to share how these recipes went. For now, I can honestly say that homemade baby food is the way to go.

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