The twins at 11 months

(Plus a sweet potato “recipe” below!)

AJ & JT @ 11 months!

AJ & JT @ 11 months!

The twins @ 11 months

Things they’re doing these days:

  • Clapping their hands (Jer is getting better each day!)
  • Getting louder
  • Still sleeping through the night (knock on wood!)
  • Playing more – they imitate and pick up on things better
  • Eating table foods
  • Army crawling (Jer)
  • Scooting backwards in crawling position (Adrian)


AJ @ 11 months

AJ @ 11 months

Adrian Joseph

(No height or weight measurements this month!)

I have 6 teeth.

I can get into a great crawling position, but I’m still on the fence about crawling.

I like to clap my hands and cheer.

I’m a chunkster.

I can say “mama” really well, but I forget who I should be calling “mama.”

I started out grasping the concept of brushing my teeth and now I just shut my mouth. Get that thing away from me!

My laughter and smiles fill mama and papa’s hearts.


JT @ 11 months

JT @ 11 months

Jeremiah Tyler

(No height or weight measurements this month!)

I have 7 teeth.

I can army crawl so fast that you’d better not blink.

I am getting better at clapping my hands.

I have been extremely clingy to my mama these days. Don’t you dare take her away from me.

My screams are deafening. Use caution when holding me near.

I still love my binky.

I am a pro pincer grasper.

My laughter and smiles fill mama and papa’s hearts, as well.

Wow, what can we say? The boys are almost one. ONE FREAKIN’ YEAR OLD!!! That’s 365 days around the sun, countless hours of crying, endless number of diapers, a gazillion bottles, but not enough hugs or kisses. We could NEVER love them enough because our love just somehow grows more each day. Right when we think our hearts are full and content, the boys squeeze in more happiness and joy, causing our hearts to burst. This is only year one. The future years to come will only be full of more surprises and enjoyment from these two monkeys. Thanks for following us on our journey through parenthood and life in general!
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Some updates… and a “RECIPE!”
My new obsession: Chalkboards! Not just any chalkboard, but one with chalkboard markers! All the fun without the dust. Here are my first two creations:
The boys really enjoy their mesh teethers. For starters, we’ve put frozen pear puree in them. At the very start, Jer loved it. Adrian didn’t want anything to do with it until the next day. Now they are both loving it. It’s awesome to not only sooth their aching, teething selves, but to use frozen fruits! Natural remedies for the win!
wpid-img_20140704_113200.jpg wpid-20140704_113438.jpg
Soon I will post recipes (instructions) for roasting fruits! Fruits are not only an awesome source of fiber, vitamin C, and more, they are a wonderful way to sweeten other foods and add a yummy flavor. Not gonna lie, I use the fruits to entice the boys to eat more greens and blander foods. But at least they are getting their veggies and the sweetness is natural, not added refined sugar.
Pears to make easy, yummy frozen pear puree!
I need to hurry up and post these “first foods” recipes because we’ve already moved on to table foods! Here is how I prepared sweet potatoes. I need to work on the picture-taking. I am really good some days and completely forget on others. Again, I don’t really consider these “recipes” since they are more like instructions, but either way, hope they help!
Did you know people often confuse sweet potatoes and yams? To this day, I’m not sure if I’m distinguishing them correctly. From what I gather, sweet potatoes look similar to russet potatoes (white potatoes) and are a light yellow color inside. Yams (there are a variety of types) are orange inside and darker on the outside. If you can help me tell the difference, please share!

Sweet Potato Puree

3 sweet potatoes
Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
Rinse and scrub potatoes under running water. Pat dry them.
Pierce several holes around each potato using a paring knife or fork. Do not peel for baking!
Wrap each potato in foil and place on a baking sheet.
Bake for 30-60 minutes or until soft.
Remove from oven and let cool.
Slice each potato in half lengthwise.
Scoop out the meat. Mash or put in food processor as you see below:
I combined the pureed sweet potato with the butternut squash I roasted at the same time. These two-food combos are fun and colorful and a great way to mix it up for you and baby.
The aftermath:
After I prepare a few containers of food, I fill ice cube trays with the rest of the pureed food. Thaw, warm, and serve the ice cubes when needed.
One day, I will write, party plan, and cook/bake for a living. Until then, I will continue to blog, throw shindigs as best I can, and pretend I know what I’m doing in the kitchen. Thanks for reading!

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