The twins at 1 year


AJ & JT @ 1 Year

The twins @ 1 year

One year. 365 days. 525,600 minutes. How do you measure a year? (shoutout to my R.E.N.T. fans out there!) How do you measure a year with twin babies? Without having an accurate record count, I’d say 5,000 bottles, 4,300 diapers, 2,000 pumping sessions, 16,000 ounces of milk pumped, and who knows how much $$$ spent on baby STUFF. Would I call my babies priceless? Ehh… they are pretty dang expensive. Not only monetarily speaking, but they cost us sleepless nights, endless worries, immeasurable energy, countless drops of blood, sweat, and tears… Would I call my babies worth it? Is that even a question? Without blinking an eye, of course they are worth it. They are worth more than life itself.

…And now they are ONE! We made it an entire year, just when I thought I’d never see the light at the end of the tunnel. Time to throw away the receipt and keep them forever! If we made it through the roughest part of their lives (relatively speaking), I can truly say we can make it through anything.

I posted these thoughts of mine on Facebook and Instagram a few days ago. I finally have some time to share here:

Getting the nervous jitters. Nearly a year ago, we prayed and waited patiently for the boys to arrive. With each day that passed, I literally cried with joy knowing the boys were blessed with another chance to grow and “cook.” And then at 34 weeks and 5 days, they decided it was time to make their debut.

This Friday, we’ll celebrate their first birthday. As much as it is a huge milestone for them, it is an even bigger celebration for us. Cheers not just to the joy, happiness, and laughter, but to all the pain, tears, frustration, challenge, exhaustion, and heartache we’ve endured. Here’s to going from surviving to thriving.



It’s amazing how much can happen in a year.

There were the worries:

  • the boys’ early arrival (34 weeks & 5 days)
  • their almost-month-long stay in the NICU
  • their blood-sugar issues, Adrian’s heart issues
  • their torticollis/plagiocephaly that lead to helmet-wearing (blog post on helmets WAY overdue)
  • what seemed like endless visits to doctors and specialists
  • my struggle with efficiently nursing two babies
  • the stress and hard work required by exclusively pumping
  • feeling hopeless as we struggled to get the boys to sleep more during the night
  • the daycare search
  • the return to work
  • the fact that we were literally sending them to a daycare with people we have just met
  • the day-to-day challenges of being a full-time worker outside of the home and having a “2nd job” when the babies get picked up from daycare and are with us the rest of the night.

Then there was the joy:

  • the boys’ “graduation” from the NICU and finally coming home
  • their defeat of those medical issues and a decrease in doctor visits
  • my increasingly abundant milk production and frozen “stash” (I plan to do a breastfeeding/pumping post ASAP!)
  • the boys sleeping through the night UNDISTURBED from 7 pm to 5:45/6 am
  • discovering how much the boys enjoy their daycare provider and do really well there
  • capitalizing on opportunities at work to advance my career and enjoying my work life
  • going out with the boys to parties, the mall, walks to the park, and other realms of civilization outside of our house
  • truly enjoying the smiles, laughter, funny moments, precious cuddles, and overall fun we have with the boys
  • learning from other fellow moms, moms of twins/triplets, and also sharing my own knowledge and experience with new moms
  • gaining confidence as a new mom and parent
  • watching the boys thrive

Alright, I’ll put away the violins and talk about what the babies are doing now!



AJ @ 1 Year

Adrian Joseph


Height: 2′ 7″

Weight: 20.6 lbs

Adrian likes to:

  • EAT! Not only does he eat almost everything offered to him, he can sit in his highchair for long periods of time and is patient. Unlike some other babies, not naming any names…
  • Climb on top of me
  • Smile in his scrunchy-nose-cheesy way
  • Talk. All the time! Getting louder and the syllables are more distinct
  • Throw things (he’ll throw a small ball in front of him)

He can:

  • Pull himself up to stand
  • Crawl the “right” way
  • Clap his hands
  • Wave bye (although he says “Da-da-da-da” while waving)
  • (Sorta) say, “Uh-oh!”
  • Climb stairs
  • Sip from a straw cup



JT @ 1 Year

Jeremiah Tyler


Height: 2′ 8″

Weight: 20.9 lbs

Jeremiah likes to:

  • Army crawl
  • Mimic a zombie (he does his “zombie voice” on command!)
  • Be carried or given ANY kind of attention. He’s our new divo.
  • Scream like a pterodactyl. He’s our Jerodactyl.
  • Climb over anything in his way, boppy, pillow, toys, me.
  • Cling to mommy or daddy
  • Use his binky… still!

He can:

  • Pull himself up to stand
  • Clap his hands
  • Point to certain things in a book
  • Hand things to me (book, toy)
  • Do all kinds of tricks with his binky (he’ll hold it in his mouth sideways, put it in his mouth without looking…)
  • Sip from a straw cup
Read more monthly updates HERE!

Boys’ first birthday festivities: Sneak peek!

Celebrating their actual birthday on Friday, August 1st… supposedly National Twin Day?!?! Still looking for confirmation, but how cool would that be?
Decorations for their carnival-themed birthday!
Monthly photos compiled together:
wpid-20140802_131621.jpgGifts galore!
Couldn’t wait to take out their radio flyer, which was a gift from Jer Bear’s Ninang (Godmother) Marie, Ninong (Godfather) Ellis, Kuya Eli, & Kuya Ethan! I will update this post with an AWESOME video clip the hubs took of the boys enjoying their new wheels.
Well, it’s been one heck of a ride. This past year (plus the duration of the pregnancy!) was a true roller coaster ride. From here on out, I won’t be posting the “official” monthly updates, but I will certainly keep sharing tons of pictures and videos of the boys as they grow! Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “The twins at 1 year

  1. You and Jing have done such an amazing job with the twins!! It’s really amazing what you all have gone through…it’s very inspiring! It’s crazy what can happen in a year and some but when you look back at it, all the triumphs, the hardship, the love that you all experienced, it’s really something to look back at with awe.

    The party was so much fun! Really enjoyed it 🙂


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