An art class and a first birthday photoshoot!

Risky behavior over here. Using only one hand on cruise mode.


I don’t have a recipe, but I can share a link for you to try. Thanks, Kendreezy, for capitalizing on our resources. Who knew we had the exact ingredients for a beergarita?!?! Note to self, get lime-aid next time.


What happens when you take your nap later than scheduled? Your brother wakes up you because it’s time to play!


This is pretty much how most of the day goes lately. The boys just play and explore and mess with each other.


Sooo, the boys have SWITCHED on us this past week. Adrian has been extremely clingy, fussy, whiney, and difficult. It’s such a 180 from the weeks before when Jer was always the crazy one. It was such a switch that I even looked at Jer and asked him, “Who are you!? Are you an imposter?!” This morning, Adrian totally threw his bowl to the floor, which was previously SUCTIONED onto his tray. I’m party blaming the poor suction capability, but I cannot believe how much Adrian is acting up these days!


I took an art class! It was called Mixed Media and the featured project was acrylic paint on the gelli plate.


My creations! Greeting cards on top (my favorite one is the last one), bookmarks (some personalized), and random pieces of art.


I  had a lot of fun, although the class was not entirely what I had expected. Hopefully I can take the calligraphy class I’ve been wanting to take so I can work on my lettering styles!

Speaking of art and all things creative, have you heard of Fashion by Mayhem? I just LOVE her Instagram photos. Makes me wish I had a little girl… SHH!


Finally… a sneak peek of our photoshoot today. We wanted to capture the boys when they turned one. Love em!


It’s so bittersweet. I am so excited the boys are getting bigger and doing better things and playing more and more with each other. On the other hand, I’m so sad that time really does fly, even when the days crawl slowly by. And today is the first of the month, the time I’d usually do another monthly picture. But now that they are one, I decided to leave it to yearly… MAYBE bi-yearly (twice a month?).


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