I’m an offical sponsor for Twinmommy101!

Hooray!!! My volleyball team won the championship in our women’s quads league!!! Winning has never felt sweeter. We worked our butts off. It feels so good to be back on the court and to actually play well!


My return home was AWESOME. I had a delicious home cooked meal waiting for me. Thank you, hubby, for this yummy sinigang! Sinigang is a very popular Filipino dish that is basically a sour Tamarind soup with meat (beef, pork, or fish), potatoes, tomatoes, and spinach (or some other green veggie). I had two bowls!


And FINALLY! The boys are both feeling better. It’s been a long week of sick twins. Monkey #1 spent the day at Granma’s to get one last day of rest and recovery. I loved all the picture texts I received throughout the day because I really do miss the boys all day long! My mom did a good job updating me with Monkey #1’s progress and he did GREAT.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now for some exciting news! I’m an official sponsor for Twinmommy101! It’s such an honor to not only sponsor an awesome, fellow TWIN mommy blogger of mine, but to be a part of International Baby Wearing week!

TM101 sponsor picture

Check out the sharissespieces sponsorship announcement on TM101. It was so sweet to read some very nice things about myself and my blog through another person’s eyes. TM101 and I have some serious things in common that it is just unfortunate we are on opposite sides of the country! We both have one-year-old twins, we’re into healthy eating, and we share all of our knowledge and experience on our blogs!

TM101 sponsor picture2

Go subscribe to Twinmommy101 now and “like” her Facebook page to learn more about raising twins, health recipes for babies and adults, all things baby wearing and wraps, and a whole lot of topics surrounding raising babies and twins, which is backed by lots of good resource and information.

And stay tuned because she has some special things in store and it will be so fun to see her hard work put into action! Along the way, I’m excited to follow along and learn more about baby wearing/wrapping and actually trying these wraps out!


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