Delicious Fruit Puree and One Sentence Per Picture

In Hungry Runner Girl fashion, here goes one sentence per picture!

"Because I don't want to hear more than that!"

“Because I don’t want to hear more than that!”

"Talk all you want, Mama. Got my food, I'm good..."

“Talk all you want, Mama. Got my food, I’m good…”

Thank you, FoodieBabies, for this AWESOME Tropical Breeze fruit puree recipe that the boys devoured!


Bananas – mangoes – peaches – OH MY!

Was able to prepare not only the easy peasy tropical breeze puree, but pear/blueberry purees!


Tropical Breeze puree & Pear/Blueberry puree

I really need to compost.


I need to compost!

This is how we roll these days… e v e r y w h e r e!


Wagon cruisin’ in the grocery store

Go Giants!!!


Go Giants!

I can’t wait to hurry up and write about my first Mommy Talk topic!


Mommy Talk by sharissespieces

If you didn’t already know, International Baby Wearing Week is happening now!

sharissespieces is sponsoring TwinMommy101!

sharissespieces is sponsoring TwinMommy101!

Check out the other homemade baby food recipes I’ve tried before!

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Tell me!

1) Are you a fan of burpees? I’m warming up to them (pun intended).

2) What’s your favorite fruit? I love strawberries.

3) Do you have a favorite baseball team? Is your team in the MLB playoffs?

I'd love to hear from you!

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