“The best things about pregnancy” (Mommy Talk)

Being pregnant is one of the most amazing experiences a woman can have.

While each woman’s experience is different, there is something majestic, almost magical in creating life and carrying it until the time comes for baby to enter the world.

Each mother has a pregnancy journey unique to her, and yet they have much in common.

Mommy Talk by SharissesPieces

Mommy Talk by SharissesPieces

In my Mommy Talk introduction post, I explain how much I adore hearing women’s pregnancy stories. I love hearing the details, the heartache, the joy, the fears, the excitement.

Of the moms I interviewed for Mommy Talk, here are the top four best things they told me about their pregnancies…

Mommy Talk by SharissesPieces

Mommy Talk by SharissesPieces

The Best Things About Being Pregnant

(1) The knowledge of being pregnant.

Moms told me they loved just knowing they were pregnant, knowing there was life growing inside of them, and that they created a miracle. It was amazing knowing a child (or two!) was cooking and that God created them for this special purpose.

(2) Receiving extra attention.

Whether it was from the hubby or boyfriend, co-workers, friends or even strangers, who can deny extra attention anywhere you go? There are these good feelings that come out of people when they interact with a pregnant woman. They are willing to help and do anything to allow the expecting mother to relax.

Gosh, I miss being pregnant!

(3) The beauty of pregnancy.

The descriptions these moms gave me stunned me. They described pregnancy as “beautiful,” “easy,” “enjoyable,” and “indescribable.”

Jody shared that pregnancy gave her a “sense of purpose and calm” and Michele felt confident in her own skin.

The pride and joy felt by these mothers reminded me why I couldn’t ever take pregnancy for granted. No matter the complications, the body changes, the fatigue… it is a miracle to get pregnant.

(4) Feeling baby move.

Many moms loved feeling baby grow, kick, and move inside. Hearing baby’s heartbeat was especially something to look forward to at each doctor appointment.

In the womb, babies can hear and sense things on the outside. They can respond to sounds, voices, and touch. These moms took advantage of those facts, reading and singing to baby, developing close relationships before baby was even born.

Other things moms love about pregnancy:

  • Full and healthy hair, no shedding!
  • Not having a period.
  • Boobs!
  • Eating anything without worrying about weight or being judged.

Don’t get me (or these mamas) wrong… Pregnancy is NOT without it’s scares, complications, and challenges. In fact, pregnancy can throw you onto an unexpected path.

Sometimes the best thing to do is just to have faith and let go. Let go of all the doubt and worry. Yes, it will still linger. But if you let the stress consume you, not only do you put your mind and body through more than it can probably handle, you miss out on enjoying even the littlest things about pregnancy.

When I was on bed rest, I was crushed by the thoughts of cancelled baby showers, going out of work three months earlier than expected, and not being able to waddle around with pride. But thanks to a supportive husband and wonderful family and friends, I stayed positive and pushed through each day and week, grateful for each step of my pregnancy journey.

Had I let my misery and pain get to me, I wouldn’t have truly appreciated my body’s ability to cook not only one, but two little babies. I would have missed out on the enjoyment from each ultrasound (twice a week!) to hear the boys’ heartbeats and see them grow.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You tell me!

What are some of the best things you’ve experienced (or are experiencing) with pregnancy? Watching my belly grow. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks for reading my official first post of Mommy Talk! I finally cranked out the first of many posts I plan to make. I literally had 50 pages of responses from amazing moms and moms-to-be and it was a challenge picking and choosing what to include. Since I loved each and every response, I am breaking up the first topic (pregnancy) into a couple of posts.

Next on Mommy Talk is more on pregnancy, specifically about the unexpected and “not-so-good” things these moms have experienced.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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