Persimmon fruit puree!

I have a confession…

Persimmons are not exactly one of my favorite fruits and yet I could have an endless supply of them if I wanted to!

My dad grows persimmons right in his backyard and yields a TON each fall. He literally hands out grocery bags full and we certainly get more than our fair share!


To make myself feel worse for not truly enjoying the fruit my dad grows, I saw this at the grocery store:


$2.49 for one persimmon?! I am not proud of myself.

To offset my non-liking of persimmons, I was determined to introduce them to the boys and make sure they learned to enjoy them.


And enjoy they did! (Picture below is NOT of the boys eating persimmons, but I just LOVE their faces here!)


Ok, another confession. I added apples and half a banana to the persimmon puree I made for the boys, but I blame the (awesome) recipe I found from Foodiebabies!

Foodiebabies’ persimmony delight recipe was so timely because my dad had given us a huge bag of persimmons early that week. Here’s the result!


Success! The fruits cooked very easily, pureed in a cinch, and the final product smelled marvelous. That dash of cinnamon really did it.


Like this fruit puree for your little ones? Check out other recipe ideas on my homemade baby food page!

For those of you without little ones, think of this puree as an advanced applesauce! Seriously, it tasted delicious and is a wonderful sweet snack. You may not want to puree it AS MUCH though. Just sayin’.

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